This bespoke figure routine will be ONE OF A KIND and only created for you.

Within LFP, we have years of experience within the bodybuilding industry, but with also having a team with an ex-professional in gymnastics and dancer (Amy). You will be in VERY safe hands when it comes to creating your dream figure routine!

We will guarantee a smile on your face and a routine that suits your physique, your style, your wants and suitable to your level of posing.

Once you have paid, you will be contacted within 24 hours to fill out a form, providing us with all the details you want within the routine. Once the routine is created you will be provided with a video recording of the routine with the music, for you to follow through. If you want to grab a posing session to go through the routine this will be at the starboard rate of the coach you choose. 

Please note, that videos and photos of specific poses and styles or inspiration is very handy when creating a routine for you!

Within this package,  you will only have 1 week to provide the choreographer (Sania or Amy) with any amendments you would like to be made. 





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