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  • When is the BEST time to POSE as a BEGINNER?!

    Posted by Sania on November 22, 2023 at 10:11 pm

    A very generic comment would be… ALL THE TIME.

    In reality, that just isn’t going to happen. If you are in an off-season and you have PLENTY of time (1+ years) before you compete then you want to be practising your posing 3x per week minimum (not including our check-in).

    3x is more than enough to keep the posing progressing whilst not making it feel like a chore. Now, if you are someone who feels like they struggle with flaring their lats I will ALWAYS recommend to pose after an upper body day.

    Why you ask?

    Well, this is because you have already got the blood flowing to the area in which you struggle to connect with. Not to mention you also have trained your brain to focus on the upper body in terms of mind-muscle connection.

    I promise you, if you follow the lat activation videos and attempt them post-upper session you will get those bad boys out in no time!

    One thing I DON’T recommend is posing post legs in heels… lets just say its not the boys that are there that are making your knees week!!!

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