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    Posted by Sania on June 25, 2023 at 7:07 pm
    Week Two - POST SHOW UPDATE! 
    Last show day - 118lbs
    5/06/23 Week Two - 125.1lbs (7lbs / 3kg up)


    Its quite funny really as 2 days after my show i fell really ill. I caught a stomach bug off of my partner Reece and i was unable to hold anything down without it going through me... (IYKYK). It was a battle because my hunger hormones were telling me "EAT SANIA EAT!!! YOUR STARVING" but my stomach was like... "Please dear god i cant deal with this no more food" 🤣 Within this time i just ate what i could and took the repercussions... however it was so bad on the first day it took me 2 hours to week 2 Weetabix and a banana. Now that being post show is CRAZY!
    Fast forward 4 days and i was feeling better! This post show phase has been better handled and i am so proud of myself! Have i been perfect fuck no... if you walk into my house at 9pm ill have either a slice of cake in my hand OR a packet of biscuits!!! Last prep, every meal off plan for weeks and the amount of guilt i held was ridiculous. It really affected me and my relationship with food suffered. However, after a few weeks i plucked up the courage to be honest with my coach (of course he already knew) and said i needed him to help me out of this cycle!
    One thing to remember post show, no matter how much you eat you will never be satisfied as your hormones are all out of wack and youll tell yourself "you deserve it". One thing that helped me is knowing... Sania you have your WHOLE off season to enjoy this food, don't waste it by having it all now! 
    Me and Tom have opted for a meal plan which i am provided macros for if i want to change it to my fancying but also have provided free cals within my meal plan (Extra 330Kcals). This allows me to have some cake and biscuits (I always have a bit more than 330Kcals, but it is what it is)! At this point my food focus was still really high, so i was trying to manage that but also not placing ANY pressure!
    In regards to my training, again no pressure. I just went to the gym and had fun with it, did exercises i enjoyed and then now in Week Two post show we have a training plan! This allowed me to fall in love again!!
    Here are my check in photos... 
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