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    Posted by Sania on July 30, 2023 at 7:59 am


    One of my fave parts of bodybuilding because I love being strong in the gym. To be honest, that is the main reason why I have kept my head throughout this post-show phase as I just love being strong at the gym.

    Before I get started here are my metrics for the current week…

    Weight – 64.4kg

    TD – 2,459 / 193 pro / 334g carb / 39g fat

    NTD – 2,172 / 185g pro / 241g carb / 52g fat

    Nothing has changed really since last week! weight has fluctuated due to being on my period AGAIN which is amazing!!! It did go all the way up to 65.2kg Wednesday but went back down!

    I think one thing to remember that with us being women our weight is going to go up and down due to our hormones. Now, I know that multiple women let this get the better of you but remember we are all humans not robots and we are incontrollable of hormonal weight gain. Not to mention, its not weight gain… it is just holding water due to our period it will subside.

    The best thing I have started doing is tracking my period, it helps so you aren’t sending your mind crazy thinking “WHY AM I GAINING WEIGHT“ & “WHY DO I FEEL LIKE THIS” “WHY AM I EMOTIONAL” “WHY DO I FEEL FATIGUED”! If you track you’ll know its because of the stage of your monthly you are in!

    Back to the check-in… I have been pretty ill to be honest, with again this week being a little stressful, period, sleep hasn’t been the best and travelling up to New Castle and then Scotland for the group posing! So with all of this considered this whole week we have been training de-volume sessions! So less sets within the sessions so allow my body to recover and be less stressed!

    Mentally after the de-volume I feel much better mentally and physically although still feeling slightly out off back with being in Scotland!!!

    Other than that this week has been good! More food may be going in next week which I am SUPER EXCITED ABOUT! I just love food me!!!

    Photos were taken Friday morning before I left!

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