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  • Week Three – POST SHOW UPDATE!

    Posted by Sania on June 25, 2023 at 7:09 pm

    Last show day - 118lbs

    12/06/23 Week Two - 125.5lbs (7lbs/3kg up)

    19/06/23 Week Three - 130lbs (4.5lbs/2kg up)

    My honest feelings when I first saw these photos after taking them was ... "ooo i am fat" i defo shouldn't have eaten that cake and gone out for food for fathers day. Then i thought to myself, "Sania, WTF!". It is so easy to be hard on yourself but one thing to remember is that you should not be staying lean. The question i ask myself is "have you handled this better than last time?" My answer is... "Yes". 
    Last week i had 2 meals out and had cake or cookies most evenings, as well as my "on plan food" do i feel bad, no. Would it be better for me to get a handle on my cravings? yes. i'm getting there at my own pace. I have worked hard the last couple days to cut back on continuously over eating slightly, just to stay on top of things but also still allowing some flexibility just not to the relm is was! Im so happy i was slack at the start as it has allowed me to come to get it out my system to then want to slowly taper it back! 
    This off season i want to stay relatively fit and healthy so i don't want to get ridiculously fat or unfit, so i spoke to Tom and i am doing 10/15 mins cross trainer post upper/shoulder sessions and also 1x20 min run on a rest day. Tom wasn't happy with the run as for someone who's trying to bring up her glutes its counter productive, but its the right choice for me. The run makes me feel euphoric, it allows me to clear my head and start the day right. I don't want to go to the gym to do cardio, i want to be outside so we compromised with the above as originally i wanted to run every rest day haha! (i was being dumb lol)! Its all about doing whats best for you in this phase! <3 
    My split is 4x per week currently (Sunday - Rest/Rest/glutes and hammies/Shoulders/rest/legs/upper)! We will increase when needed and also adapt sessions to recovery capabilities through each check in. Training is starting to come to life and i'm really starting to feel stable within movements and also have some power and drive too!!!Things are getting exciting! 
    Shifting my mindset to training and business has helped me through this phase, highly recommend keeping busy through post show as it allows you to think A LOT LESS. 
    1 Week out from my HOLIDAYYYYYYY
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