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  • Week Four – POST SHOW UPDATE

    Posted by Sania on June 27, 2023 at 6:58 am
    Last show day - 118lbs
    12/06/23 Week Two - 125.5lbs (7lbs/3kg up)
    19/06/23 Week Three - 130lbs (4.5lbs/2kg up)
    26/06/23 Week Four - 133.5lbs (3.5lbs/1.5kg up)
    Food has not changed at all 
    NON-TRAINING DAY - 2,421
    TRAINING DAY - 2,601
    Cardio hasn't changed at all
    1x 20 minute run
    2x 15 mins post upper session


    I cannot believe after only 4 weeks I have gotten my period back… to me that is crazy as last time it was 6 weeks post show and to most that is pretty quick! One thing to remember when it comes to regaining back your cycle is that everyone is different and just because i have mine back this early doesn’t mean you will or should feel upset that you haven’t. As long as you and your coach are prioritising your health it will come back when it is ready!

    Let me tell you something… the first period back is horrible hahaha. Usually my periods last ONE day with a lil blood, but my PMS symptoms prior to the bleed are bad for 3 days. This time… I had 1 day of PMS symptoms to which I cried a lot and felt emotional (which isnt me at all) and i am now day 3 on a really heavy flow period. The cramps aren’t the worst but oh my this is STRONG! However, we are surviving!

    This weeks training has been really good! Baseline numbers were set last week and each and every single one of them has progressed either in weight or reps! IM COMING BACK BABY!

    If I am being completely honest… this week wasn’t that great in terms of full adherence as i had so many social events go on, such as LFP Launch, the Stage Work Shop and planned outings with family! I knew this week was going to result in a lot of food off plan… so what i did was have 3 meals in the morning and took out my last 2 meals and my free cals to semi make up from eating out on those days! That is what i find best for me! As you can also see my weight isnt going up in big jumps anymore which i’m super happy about!

    Its important to enjoy yourself in this post show phase but also be clever with your choices. My tip is if you are going out for food, don’t eat ALL your planned meals and then meal out on top of that, substitute 1/2 meals for that meal out!

    I am not MAD about these photos but I cant say i’m over the moon with them… they make me a lil nervous as ALL lines are gone BUT i have my period back, i’m healthy and thats all that matters.

    I will be getting my bloods 6-8 weeks post show so super excited to see how my body is doing! No matter if you are assisted or natural you SHOULD be getting your bloods done post show!

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