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  • WEEK FIVE – Post Show Check-in

    Posted by Sania on July 6, 2023 at 12:12 pm

    Hola Amigos!

    I am checking in from Lanzarote ☀️

    I don’t have much data to go off by as I don’t actually know how much I weigh and I do not have my scales on me and have been away since last Wednesday!

    There’s a few new things I need to catch you up on though and also thought this was a perfect opportunity to go through how I deal with going away on holiday and not being a complete and utter twat in regards to food😂

    First things first… I’ve changed coaches! I am now coached my Megan Sylvester-Cielen. I am super excited to continue my off season with her and TRULEY focus on being accountable throughout this stage and also focus a lot on my training towards my bikini goals.


    Whilst away I like to do a 60:40 rule.

    Breakfast I like to stick to my similar foods with some leniency – might fried bacon instead of Turkey bacon etc ..

    Lunch I try and stick to protein and carbs! My go to is a chicken sandwich with some veg or salad! Maybe an apple too! #helf #micronutrients again similar to plan but a slightly larger meal as I only usually eat 3x’s per day rather than 5!

    Then my final meal is when I go out for food and generally just relax and enjoy myself! I’ll have a starter, main and dessert if I fancy.

    I personally think this works best for me as I am still staying relatively on plan with some minimal leniency whilst getting in enough protein throughout the day! It also allows me to look forward to my food in the evening and also help with digestion as I’m not eating SHIT each and every meal!

    Don’t get me wrong on some days I get an ice-cream and snack etc! It’s important to allow yourself to relax every now and then and this approach works well for me!

    Still some what in routine so I don’t feel completely out of the loop!

    Do what works best for you but also have the understanding that what you eat will result in an outcome. If you eat like a twat and act surprised with the weight gain that’ll mentally fuck you up. So don’t be naive. Be realistic.

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