• Posted by Rimini on April 24, 2024 at 10:05 am

    So here it is…… PREP IS ON!

    Firstly, I want to give you all a little run through of how life has been since starting with my new coach as I have been working with Finn for 3 weeks now. I cannot believe how much I have improved with the quality of training, the quality of a service I’m getting and just the feedback I’m getting has been great! Honestly it’s super important that you make sure that you get a good coach!

    So weight at the start of prep is 120.3lbs and the weekly average target is to drop 1lb per week.

    So, prep Macros is as follows…..

    Training day

    Protein- 170g

    Carbs- 225g

    Fats- 40

    Non-training day

    Protein- 160g

    Carbs- 125g

    Fats- 60g

    So as you can see, my fats have been upped drastically and IM LOVIN IT! I had my bloods done to check my hormones after my cycle became irregular since being on such low fats when i was completing my last mini-cut! Pretty much everything a part from a few markers are all within range which I’m so grateful for as if my body was different it could have resulted in a lot worse.


    I’m still getting used to finding my absolute ‘failure’ point in training. Going from “reps in reserve” for every movement to training to failure and including partials for most movements has been a challenge to adapt to. My sessions have been constantly improving and im always checking the log book to see where I’m at and whats the target I’m going to set myself during the sessions. Getting form feedback to is something i didn’t get before hand and this time round i get all my form feedback within 24 hours so i know exactly how to change and adapt things for my next session.

    Steps have gone from 8-10k to 11-12k which hasn’t been a huge issue as im getting through these easily.

    Cardio has gone from 400 cals weekly to 1050cals weekly which I’ve split into 7 days worth of 150cals as it’s just easier to get it done every day.

    I’m doing daily updates on my instagram and will also be doing weekly reels to update you all as well!

    so LETS GOOO

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  • 5 Replies
  • Sania

    April 26, 2024 at 6:49 pm

    So happy you are now with a coach that works for you !!!! Very excited to see how this prep unfolds!!!

  • Rimini

    May 5, 2024 at 10:49 am


    Updates are as follows

    Steps are now up to 13,500 per day

    Cardio is 200 cals per day

    Food is the same!

    Starting weight 120.4lbs

    Lowest weight 116.8lbs

    Overall, everything is going as smoothly as it can be, which im super happy with. Again, my training is still progressing and im always still trying to improve my sessions. My coach responds back to all my form videos which honestly is amazing. Visually im looking a lot fuller and leaner in the past two weeks.

    I cant wait to meet everyone next week at the LFP workshop!

  • Rimini

    May 21, 2024 at 5:06 pm


    Ok, so i have a few changes within these few weeks that have just flown by and i will also now be doing my updates on a Friday rather than waiting on a monday as then the updates are fresh in my mind and it will keep me more accountable to tell you guys all about my weeks.

    Week 3

    The main changes this week was the increase of cardio from 200 cals per day to now being 300 cals per day which is very do-able and im still full of energy (may be jinxing it). As well as cardio going up, I got 50g of carbs on both training and rest days and 10g of Fats on a rest day so the macros on both days are now as follows









    Training during this week again, went really well. We swapped out a high incline smith for the atlantis shoulder press as i was having a little trouble with my right delt.

    Weight at the lowest that week was 117.5 lbs as i had just finished my period.

    WEEK 4

    This week the only thing that changed was steps, they have gone from 13,500 to 15,000 now so many many steps to be complete. Apart from that, weight dropped nicely with a lowest weight of 116.6lbs which means the ball is finally rolling! I’m starting to see some physical changes and its so motivating when you start to notice your body changing and when its getting leaner.

    everything is heading into the right direction and ill place my most recent check in photos below for you all.

  • Rimini

    June 10, 2024 at 8:50 am

    PREP WEEK 5-7

    Ok, I have been very absent within my friend so firstly… APOLOGIES! This will be one of my first priorities every check in morning from here onwards.

    So….. As of this week (13 weeks out from my first show) i am now checking in with Finn every Monday and Thursday morning which means ill update this every Monday and Friday (or Thursday depending on when i gain my feedback/changes). Speaking about changes here are my food changes


    1690 Cals









    Steps are still at 15k however, a weighted vest at 5kg has been added for 5k steps.

    Training is still on the up and im still progressing hugely which is crazy!! In terms of cardio im now burning 350Cals daily which usually tales me around 45minutes!

    And something that i need to update you guys on is that my cycle is back to normal after 2 months of being back on a good amount of Fats! Which is crazy to hear and experience especially in you prep for sure as this isn’t normally the case for many people. However, with me not having my cycle affected in my last prep, im assuming that it won’t go away for a while now.

    VERY grateful to now have a coach who cares about my health, my hormones and how im feeling rather than just the results (and lets just state…. physically my results look crazy better)!

    My lowest weight was yesterday at 114.1lbs however this am it was 115 bang on.

    • Rimini

      June 17, 2024 at 7:33 pm

      Week 8 all done and dusted!

      Lowest weigh in this week was 114.4lbs and quite a few things have changed…..



      Cals – 1450

      Pro- 160

      Carbs- 135

      Fats – 30

      Rest day is still the same as last time!

      Weighted steps have gone from 5k to 7.5k (still at 5kg).

      1 tab of pre-shreds has been added to the supplement mix (before AM steps/cardio)

      And another 150cals added onto cardio 2600 in total across the week now!

      Training is still progressing with one or two movements holding a little bit of a grudge but sometimes this happens and regardless of the phase you’re in…. That’s normal.

      Overall, prep hasn’t gotten too tough I will still say (deffo jinxing it). If anything it’s made me become a better person☺️

      I had so many awful stresses a couple of months back and even though what someone may say “wow that must be tough” I would always choose prep over the mini cut and off-season I had completed before it!

      These past 10 weeks I’ve felt like a bodybuilder again, my passion has come to light, and my physique will speak for itself on this subject (will pop a transformation in). It’s Crazy to think I am only 12 weeks away from my first show back. It only feels like yesterday when I turned to Jack and said “I’ve got 150 weeks to go, I’ve got ages” TRUST ME, The weeks fly by before even noticing!

      Anyone in their off-season / building phase take these tips…..

      Stick with your coach if they are doing a good job! I actually can’t wait to start my offseason with Finn as I know he will help me get far in this sport!

      Take your time, there’s no rush to return to stage! At the end of the day, when we step off stage, we want to become better… unfortunately it takes time to do that. Regardless if you are natty or assisted… patience will always win!

      Enjoying the building process (no, I know it’s the least glamorous part) but this is the part where you push yourself, and keep taking them steps forwards!

      The last photo is from December 2023 to Thursday. Trust me, you can change the potential when you’re in control!




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