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    Posted by Sania on September 16, 2023 at 7:12 am

    I think we all are to be honest and that’s completely normal!

    Figure posing routines are a necessity when competing with some federations. Now I know a lot of people are scared of the routines as “they aren’t a dancer”.

    Let me tell you something… you don’t have to be a dancer and do flips and splits to have a good routine! One thing to remember this is a BODYBUILDING SHOW! so… as long as you are hiting poses, in a sequence with some sort of transition and flow I promise you are all good. Routines become just as important to your poses when they are JUDGED…

    I have helped over 20 girls this season with their figure routines, many of them don’t have any type of dance background and definitely have never performed a routine in their life… It’s important to understand your capabilities and know what you can do but like wise it is my job to push you to do things you don’t think you can do! ANYONE can do a routine. They don’t need to be incredibly difficult, I promise. Who knows the saying simple but effective?

    PCA do not judge your routines. They are there for photo opportunities ONLY as it is your only time on stage yourself.

    It is my recommendation to ensure you hit your strongest poses and transitions to ensure you have decent photos in your package!

    I adapt to everyone’s needs, styles and wants of routine… however unfortunately I cant do the splits OR flips so if that’s what you want you may need to find someone who can do the skills… I think I’d break my neck trying😂!!

    Here is just few of MANY I have created this year! I am going to start sharing them more as I TRULEY BELIVE it is a work of art!

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