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  • Posted by Amy on January 10, 2024 at 5:15 pm


    Weight: 63.8kg (0.5kg down even though my carbs have increased quite significantly)

    TD: 1900 kcals 210P 220C 20F

    RD: 1560kcals 175P 170C 20F

    Cardio: 30 mins daily (this will not be going)

    Steps: Ive never really worked with a step goal on average I do 12-15k

    Training split:

    We have just changed this to put focus on certain areas i know i need to bring up but also im being forced into a second rest day because my recovery is not quite where i need it to be and that is because my sleeping is a shambles atm.

    Legs (quads and glutes),

    Delts & Arms,


    Legs (glutes and hammies),




    Mentality: Having planned out every week until my first show day has changed my mindset completely. Im not a go with the flow kind of girl i need to know what to expect. A whole week sticking regimented to a plan has me back where i need to be and looking forward to the off season instead of terrified of the fluff!

    Menstrual Cycle: Where do i even start 🤦‍♀️

    I have actually never had a regular cycle, ive been on birth control since i was 14, fell pregnant on the pill twice, never got my period back after my first daughter yet fell pregnant again when she was 6 months old 😂 (I KNOW!) Since then ive had the hormone coil which is supposed to stop it completely yet i get random cycles here and there. I had nothing on prep and then a month post show was back to horrendous 2 weekly periods like i was 13 again.

    I didnt get a period in December and then I have been CRIPPLED with cramps for 10 days but nothing has come of it until today…because of course its check in day.

    Anyone else feel me on this?

    Weekly DeBrief: Other than thinking about a hysterectomy at this point its been a really good week!

    I had 2 weeks off work for Xmas as the kids were off school but ive been thrown into PT and massage clients head first this week since the kids have been back and with the season fast approaching posing clients too!

    My kids were at their dads at the weekend which means i can train in my own time and not have to rush around or get woken up at the crack of dawn on a sunday which is always a novelty!

    I was honestly shocked to of lost weight this week but my body is still burning through Xmas calories so next week should be a real test of whats happening with the change to food etc. Visually im still struggling with not being lean, i know deep down i should be over it by now but im just not there yet and thats okay. Hormonally my body retains water quite badly so i know some will shift in the next week or so.

    Looking forward to another week of growth!

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  • Sania

    January 11, 2024 at 11:59 am

    This check-in has the be the funniest one I have read on here! I just love this hahaha!! Nice to see that you have a plan and that you are getting back into the grips of thing! Transitioning from post show -> off season can be so hard but your doing really well! Proud of you?

    Quick question, what part of the transition into off season did you find hard?




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