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    Posted by emmacurrivanlfp on May 14, 2024 at 4:06 pm

    Hey hey LFP ladies!! How are?!

    Sooooo the mini cut is done, and I figured it was time to start a fresh new log to document a fresh new phase. These next 6-7 months are gonna be spent growing a GIANT bunda and some huge whammy legs before I step on stage, and I can’t wait to share it, as this is the bodyBUILDING part of the sport.

    Reverse has honestly started off so well. I get a bit nervous about reversing as to be truthful I’ve messed them up a bit in the past lol. Last year I was so food focused after my diet and all I could think about was eating, and I was having loads of little extra bits here and there on top of my diet – nothing crazy but these things can add up. But this time around I told myself I wanted to hold myself to a higher standard and really cultivate an athlete mindset to this reverse, so that I can maintain a good body composition and grow properly before prep, and not get too fat. LOL.

    Lowest weight of prep was 135.4lbs during my depletion/fat loading, I came up to ~139 after carbing up, shoot day weight was 137.6lbs and the day after I was up to 138.6lbs.

    We brought food to to 175P/275C/40F TD, and 175P/225C/50F on NTD. I was home last week for the LFP stage workshop (SO fun) and a client meet up/shoot day but am super happy with how I handled nutrition. My mam made me a roast dinner which I guestimate-tracked (plus a slice of lemon tart), and aside from that I just stuck to my plan. If I wanted anything extra/”off-plan” I tracked it in and moved other foods around to keep cals in check, which is something I wouldn’t have necessarily done before cos “off szn bro”. Weight basically maintained between 139-140 all week and came down to 138.8lbs on Monday which I was v happy with.

    And today we had a bump in food so an extra 25 carb added!! I’ve been loving having more cals to play with, it’s been a dream.

    Physically I feel great too. I was a bit nervous about reversing whilst also coming off of a cycle, because obviously I felt quite nutty looking while running Anavar so I knew I’d get a bit softer but I’ve really not felt that bad. Yeah, I’m not as grainy looking but I know my body comp is in a great spot and I know i’ve handled the first week of reversing well which makes me feel confident.

    Training has been UNREAL too with more food. I feel strong and powerful which is my favourite feeling ever. New training plan is being sent over in the next day or two so I’ll discuss the deets in next weeks check in.

    Aside from that I did get a little sick after coming home which I knew was gonna happen, I have been going at 1000 mph recently between moving, prepping, flying to Manchester and Ireland etc and the adrenaline was bound to wear off soon. It’s just a sinus thing and I’m generally ok but sleep was a bit crap the last two nights but I reckon I’m almost better. I am so ready to have just a slighltyyyy slower week this week back in my routine, and I’m looking forward to going out for our first date night in Marbella on Saturday for a nice steak!

    Here’s to another week of growing <3

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  • emmacurrivanlfp

    May 22, 2024 at 4:01 pm

    Helloooo lovely people!! Hope you’re all well <3

    Off szn is off to a cracking start whoo whoo

    So we are currently sitting at three week post-shoot now and I am SUPER happy with how the reverse has started off.

    The 1-2 days following my shoot I was sitting between 138-139, and in the weeks following my weight has fluctuated around the 140 mark, with two food increased in that time.

    Both last week and this week we’ve had 25 carb added, and I’m currently on 180P/325C/45F on a TD and 180P/275C/55F on a NTD.

    We finally got to out for a long-awaited date night in Marbella this weekend and I had an unreal steak meal. Something I’ve changed this time around with my approach to off-plan mwals is just being a bit smarter and pulling back throughout the day and pre-guesstimating the meal out on MyFitnessPal ahead of time just to ensure I’m not going too far over my calories, as I do really want to control my rate of gain. In the past I avoided this because it felt like almost having to “earn” off-plan food or I was a bit nervous it would lead to overeating, but my relationship with food is just in such a better place now and I’m in much more of an “athlete” mindset with it, I have a long stint of growing ahead but my ability to stay in this phase is dependent on me not being a little greedy piggy when eating off plan. To be fair it’s much easier to control in Spain than when I lived in Canada as the food culture is so different here, and my boyfriend has just started a diet so he’s being tame which helps as I am easily influenced 😂

    Last week I ended up a bit sick at the start of the week and then I also picked up a weird injury training on Thursday where my upper back was completely locked up and I was in BITS, luckily I was able to get an emergency chiro appointment on Friday morning and he sorted me right out. I was a bit raging as I had just started my new split but thankfully I was able to get straight back into training.

    I’m now on four leg days FINALLY and have just completed my first rotation and I am loving it already. LOTS of glutes and hams as these are a weakness for me and they need to be absolutely whammy but hopefully we will get there. Training has just felt so unreal with more food and better sleep, and I am so excited to really get stuck into the split and to make improvements now.

    I feel really good physically which is so nice as I do usually struggle post-diet, and when the scale goes up I have that initial thought of “I must look shit now” but then I see myself and realise I still look fine 🤪 If anything I prefer not looking quite as shredded and grainy, especially when I get dressed in normal human clothes and go out into the wild lol

    Here’s to another good week of eating good and building that positive momentum!!

  • emmacurrivanlfp

    May 28, 2024 at 2:46 pm

    What is up gorgeous people, how are well doing this week?

    Back with another off-season update, and we are officially 4 weeks post-shoot/into the reverse and I cannot get over how fast the time is flying.

    It’s been another super solid week in the books this week, with bodyweight coming up around 0.5lbs after we added in more food last week. My highest weight of the week was 142.2lbs and average was 140.8lbs.

    Appetite is in a really perfect spot at the moment. I’m hungry without being ravenous, and really looking forward to every single one of my meals. I’m usually SO boring with food but I am really in my chef era so I’ve been trying a few different meals and recipes – this week we made the Tiktok greek yogurt pizza dough for a macro-matched off-plan meal on Saturday and it BANGED, omg. I’ve tried a few different nice things like homemade paella and pineapple fried rice, and I am currently obsessed with different Weetabix cheesecakes and Ninja Creami combos 😂 to be hoenst the longer my appetite can stay like this the better, as I don’t want to be in a position where I’m stuffed constantly any time soon, and especially with it getting hotter in Marbella I know this is likely to happen eventually. But for now I am eating good lol

    Training has been UNREAL this week. I’ve now done a full rotation on my new split with 4 leg days and I am really loving it, and recovery is actually great. Legs a tad heavy at times but no crazy DOMS. I’m already checking to see if my ass is bigger 🍑 numbers are absolutely flying and I honestly think I am seeing better strength progressions in this reverse than in my last one, when I had primo in place. Right now it’s just my usual TRT + food and I am thriving. I’m leaving the gym just feeling so satisfied with sessions, and I get lowkey excited the night before for the next day. I just feel so lucky and grateful to be feeling so good and working towards my goals right now, and I just know that every single session is adding up towards what that final look on stage will be, and I know the vision I have in my head of how I want that to be, and every single set, rep, and session counts right now!

    The only change we’ve made this week is removal of one cardio session so now I’m now at 2 x 30 min on rest days which I’m really happy about, as that third session on top of the 4 leg days was a bit much 😂

    Excited for another week of getting massive, and for a posing lesson and catch up with queen @Sania_LFP on Thursday hehe

  • emmacurrivanlfp

    June 2, 2024 at 12:19 pm

    Happy Sunday LFP loves!!

    It’s been another good week of this reverse/improvement phase. We’re officially one month post-shoot now, and it’s crazy how quickly the time has flown!!

    Weight average this week: 141.5lbs (+0.7lbs from week previous)

    Weight has crept up on average this week, however it has actually trended down all week. I was 142.2lbs at the beginning of the week and it then started to drop steadily, and this morning I’m at a low of 140.4lbs which is quite interesting to see. Last week the only changes made were removal of one cardio session, but food stayed the same so potentially more food needed 👀 I guess we shall see haha!

    Appetite is still in a great spot, hungry and enjoying meals although it’s starting to get HOT in Marbella and that does usually make getting in cals a little tougher but as of now, I’m a hungry girl. Had an off-plan meal yesterday of some gyozas (FAVE) and teriyaki chicken which I thoroughly enjoyed, tracked in and stayed within cals for the day. Said it before but my mindset around eating off-plan has changed a LOT this go around because I do want to manage my rate of gain, and realistically going out and eating excessive amounts of cals at a three-course off-plan each week (while delicious lol) aint smart. It’s for sure easier to do this in Spain because the quality of food is so much better and when you go out for meals it’s nothing in comparison to how much food you’d get in US/Canada, so that helps 🤣

    Another week of training flying too and seeing some mad strength progressions. Legs are recovering well and I’m being super intentional especially with glute training because I do have to think SO MUCH about glute exercises as connection isnt always the best, especially on my left side haha

    V happy with visuals this week. I think a big factor of my reverse going well this year (aside from better adherence) is just having my body in a spot where it’s primed stay a touch leaner. Last year when I reverse, my testosterone levels were still quite low, I had only just started using T3, and I wasn’t using GH. Whereas now, my test is sitting nice and high (still within physiological range for a female) and I’m using GH which can help with mobilising fatty acids to use for fuel – both of these have a positive impact on helping me stay leaner imo.

    Excited for another week of getting whammyyyy hehe

  • emmacurrivanlfp

    June 13, 2024 at 4:16 pm

    Another week of the off season done and dusted 🫡 (and also another slightly late update because the week has been manic, which I’ll update on in next weeks log hehe)

    Average weight this week: 141.05lbs (starting weight of off-season ~139lbs 5 weeks ago)

    It’s been a super steady rate of gain since wrapping up my diet, and I’m really starting to settle into this phase now which is so nice. Last week I knew I was in “build mode” when the scales dropped down to 139.8 and I got annoyed about it 😂

    But then we had another bump in food and that’s gotten thre rate of gain back on track. I’m actually already on the same amount of carbs as when I wrapped up my last off-season push up – 350g on a TD, 300g on a NTD and I am loving it still.

    It was a super nice week as two of my friends came out to stay with me in Marbella, and we spent the few days catching up, training and just chilling out a bit which was so needed. Even though I’ve lived in Marbella for two months now there’s a lot I haven’t seen and when you work online for yourself it’s easy to just stay inside all day and work, so spending less time on my phone and in work mode was so welcomed and my heart is super full after 🩷

    Training is still progressing well, and there’s days I walk into the gym and genuinley cannot believe my own strength and the numbers I’m lifting. Recovery on 4 leg days is still pretty good, although I do feel a bit mashed some days and the ol leggies do be heavy but it is what it is, I think I have to accept this is just my life now haha.

    Visually still nega happy with how things are going, I’m a lil softer but legs and glutes are filling out so I can’t compain about that at all. Obvs just wanna get WHAM quick but bodybuilding is all about taking your time and not rushing the process, and I have a long ol’ stint of growing ahead of me so I’m trying to just appreciate this phase of the journey and enjoy off season before prep – which I am SO excited for. I’m planning to compete this time next year so it’s quite cool watching all the shows and thinking this time next year that will be me 🥺




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