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  • emmacurrivanlfp

    April 7, 2024 at 1:07 pm

    Happy Sunday guys!!

    I just realised I completely forgot to update my log last week – but it was an absolutely mental weekend because I MOOOOOOVED TO SPAIN!!!! So I’ll do an overview of the last two weeks and how that’s gone in this update.

    So that’s 12 weeks of dieting done which is crazy to say and the time is flying, and this morning we are sitting 34lbs down and I’ve cracked the 130’s – weight was 139.8lbs today after hovering in the 140’s all week.

    The move itself was obviously quite tiring and stressful, but I was on a deload from Monday 25th – Friday 29th of March which was absolutely needed, and it helped me to manage the travel a whole lot better. We had 15 hours of travel, leaving Toronto and Wednesday night, stop over in Frankfurt for an hour and then to Malaga, but I’m super happy with how i managed to stay on track. I just prepped my meals and brought them with me, plus relied on protein powder and my trusty Blendjet (travel blender, LOVE HER), and dark chocolate as a fat source 😂 very much convenience nutrition but we made it work, and I made sure to get cardio done early in the week so that I wasn’t chasing my tail once we got to Marbella.

    We then ran three high days of 400g of carbs which was SO NICE. Gimme all the fooood hehehe. Although in typical Emma fashion, I felt pretty crap when I was actually running them and convinced myself I was both really fat but also really small, which is a dream combo, but I’m blaming some of that on jet lag tbh. Weight came up from 140.8 to 143.4 across the days, which defo had me in my head. But now that I’m back into the deficit I’m feeling good and excited to keep chipping away.

    We have made a slight change to the protocol this week with the introduction of Anavar, just to test my response before prep next year. It has definitely had a huge impact visually just in the last few days and I feel a lot fuller and harder. Everything else is the same in terms of food/steps/cardio, with walks being a lot more fun now that I’m doing them in the sun and along the beach 🥺

    I’ve been trying out different gyms in Marbella and finding my feet and I feel so much more settled into my routine now, and I’m excited for the next few weeks. We’ve set a potential end date of 4 weeks time, but I’m actually going to see Christian (plus the LFP GANG) in two weeks time so we’ll see what he thinks then. I had a moment on Monday where I was SO sick of dieting and just wanted to stop, but I think I was just super tired cos since then my head is back in the game!

    Definitely super happy with this week’s check in, we are in unchartered territories now and I’ve never looked like this before.

    Obvs cannot wait to grow again but for now let’s see how freaky we can get 😈😈

  • emmacurrivanlfp

    April 14, 2024 at 1:03 pm

    Happy Sunday LFP GANG GANG How are weeee?!

    Wrapping up week 13 of this not-so-mini-mini-cut 🤪 and it’s been another productive week of fat loss.

    Lowest weight this week was 136.6lbs (starting weight 173.8lbs) which puts us just over 37lbs down now, and I’m down 2.6lbs on average from last week. I was fully expecting weight to hold around the 139 mark since we introduced Anavar and but it seems my body wants to just continue dropping weight, so here we are lol.

    Not going to lie, I have definitely been feeling a bit rough at times this week, mostly because my sleep has just been in the absolute bin. Most nights I’m waking up a lot throughout the night, and getting around 6 hours sleep which for me is not good!! This does happen when I’m lean and it’s simply down to the fact that my body wants me up and trying to eat 😂 However aside from being a bit tired, I am honestly still feeling so fine. It’s been a crazy busy week with lots of new clients signing up which meant lots of consult calls and set ups, and a few other projects going on in the background, and that’s just kept me distracted. Hunger is relatively low (the heat helps for sure) and the route for my daily walks along the beach is so bloody nice that it’s easy to keep steps nice and high.

    I did suffer a bit of a hip/glute/back injury training legs last week which was causing issues but I had a physio appointment and she worked her magic and I’ve been hunky dory since. Training sessions have alose been quite productive – a combination of novel adaptations within the new gyms I’m training at, and also anavar’s role within acute performance enhancement I’m sure. So despite going into sessions feeling wrecked, performance is solid which is nice.

    I did decide to book a photoshoot this week just to give me something to push towards, and given I’m fairly peeled now I thought why not 🤠🤠 it’s on the 1st of May which will fly in, and then I am excited to grow (and eat a little more and hopefuly sleep properly haha).

    Physique wise I am quite happy with what I’m seeing, still need a LOT of size but that will come with time. I actually played around with doing my front pose on the other side this week and I ain’t mad at it, feels super unnatural still but hopefully with time it will improve, as it makes the first transition hella easier.

    This week coming is an exciting week as I am heading to Manchester to speak at a business event, and I’ll also be meeting the LFP gang and meeting Christian for the first time in person too!! It’s going to be mental few days but I am very much looking forward to it, and then once I’m home I pretty much just have one week left of dieting which is WILD. Here we gooooo hehehe 😈

    • Sania

      April 15, 2024 at 2:21 pm


  • emmacurrivanlfp

    April 28, 2024 at 1:22 pm

    Hey hey gang!! How are weeee on this fine Sunday?!

    Back again with a not-so-mini-mini-cut update and it is PEAK WEEK baby

    No – not competing 🤪 But I am doing a photoshoot this Thursday on the beach, and ya gal is excited!

    Crazy to think it’s been around fifteen weeks of dieting, and down almost 40lbs in that time, lol. Lowest weight has been 135.4lbs, and starting weight was 173.8lbs which is MAD.

    This week has been interesting for sure, and we began the “peak” on Thursday with cardio being removed, steps coming down to 10K (was doing ~15k prior), and I’m currently on day 4 of a fat load. This isn’t something I’ve done before, and it’s for sure been interesting to do just protein and fats for every meal. To be fair, hunger is ok, but today I can feel the fact that I am depleted af 😂 I’m 90% dark chocolate, almond butter and peanut butter at this point and I am ready for the CARBS to go in tomorrow.

    Today I just had an upper pump session with everything at 2-3 RIR, sets of 10-15, just to get the blood moving. Can’t say I got much of a “pump” since I am carbless though haha, and tomorrow will be a nice carbed up glute/ham pump session, and that’s my last training day till shoot day whoo whoo

    Honestly super happy with the physique right now, even though I am pale as a ghost so that’s saying something. Like always I know I need to be bigger but I’m starting to feel like a real wellness girl which is so exciting, and I know that with another year of growing it will look even better. Plus the new LFP x TTS posing suit definitely helps as my old was actually a figure suit that I cut up 😂

    Been practising posing a lot more now since settling into my routine in Spain and really enjoying finding my flow, so hopefully by the time I do get up on stage I’ll be able to do it with my eyes closed!

    Beyond ready to nail this reverse and get stuck into this off season and the final stint of growing before prep 😈

  • emmacurrivanlfp

    May 6, 2024 at 1:34 pm

    The mini cut has come to an end!!!!!

    So guys, that is it. The not-so-mini-mini-cut is DONE – 16 weeks and almost 38lbs down in total.

    Start weight 173.8lbs -> lowest weight 135.4lbs

    The last week has really just been peak week for my shoot which I did on Thursday the 2nd, and I had the BEST time. Sunrise on the beach, immaculate vibes and I had so much fun.

    This was an interesting week with peaking for the shoot. We ran 4 days of fat loading (five meals with 25g protein, 15g of fat and zero carb) which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but defo won’t be going keto any time soon lol. Monday was 500 carb (UNREAL), Tuesday was 357 carb. I was absolutely stuffed and it’s so funny how quickly your stomach shrinks after dieting for so long, I was almost excited to go back to no carbs for the day before the shoot 😂

    1 day out was just protein/fats, no veg after meal 2, no salt, and no water. I drank around 7 litres before noon and then cut it off which was a bit grim, not gonna lie, but it did the job and I woke up on shoot morning feeling pretty damn good!! On reflection I do think I may have liked two days of pulling back before the shoot as I don’t tend to feel my BEST directly after higher carb days and I actually think I preferred the look when I was 2-3 days into fat loading as I felt super tight, although defo flat. But that’s good to know and good for Christian to know for next year too, and really a lot of this was a chance for him to see how my body responds! Pics below are from shoot morning and I am v happy with them to be fair.

    I always find a peak week a bit odd as you’re pulling back cardio/training/steps after so long of pushing, so it’s been nice to get back to that.

    And then on Friday I flew home to Ireland for the LFP Irish Stage Workshop which was SO fun and it was so amazing to see my LFP girls and two of my clients who are competing this year 🥺

    Anyway, reverse targets are in, and once I fly home to Spain I have a new training plan to get stuck into. I’ll start a new log next week and give a full debrief of how post-shoot has gone and what the POA is 🩷

    I also recorded a video basically running through the entire diet and peak week – it’s 20 mins long but you may want to take a watch so I’ll link it here!!


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