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  • Posted by emmacurrivanlfp on January 14, 2024 at 8:27 pm

    Helloooo everyone!! So so happy to be here on the site as one of the LFP athletes, and to document my offseason ahead of getting on stage again in 2025. I’m also here to help as much as possible, so if you have any questions about my journey, or competing/prep in general just shoot them here 🩷

    So this week I have started a mini diet. I’ve been pushing up since around June and am currently sitting the heaviest I’ve ever been (πŸ‘€) at 174lbs, which I am hoping means I have more muscle! I have a LOT to grow still before I’m ready to step on stage as a wellness competitor, so the goal of this diet is to get it done as quickly as I can, so that I can get back growing. It’s definitely so welcomed though as I’ve been feeling very hefty/sluggish the last few months. Even just two days into a deficit I feel better – although not shredded yet sadly πŸ˜‚

    I’m going to pop my initial mini cut targets here, and I’ll also write what my previous off season set-up was for reference.

    Weight today, Sunday 14th: 169.6lbs (peak off season 174)


    TD 150P/175C/40F, NTD 150P/125C/50F (Previously at 350C/275C and 60F both days so a fair reduction, plus I was definitely having a few extra bits here and there on top of my meal plan so easily ~1200 cals dropped). I track macros but when food is low I basically make a meal plan and stick to it and that’s just easier and I don’t get food focused this way


    5 x 30 min fasted cardio and 12K steps (up from 3 x 30 min and 10K steps)


    I’m quite open about being an assisted athlete so I’m happy to share this here! Obviously everything I do is specific to me, my body, my experience, my goals etc etc so please do NOT take this as what you need to do, and if you have questions I don’t mind answering (within reason). Currently I take 6mg/week of testosterone as replacement dose, 1IU of GH fasted, 40mc/g of clen, 25mcg of T3 (this is being changed to a combination therapy soon as prescribed by my doctor following bloodwork), 40mg of telmisartan and 500mg of metformin.


    My split is the same with 3x lower days and 2x upper. I’ll be honest my upper training is very minimal and intensity isn’t very high. After training for figure for a while I don’t really need much more upper, and the focus is very much on making my lower body dominant. Lower days are hard but I loveeee them and reckon I’ll move up to 4 lower days after this diet as I think I can handle it and my glutes need it πŸ˜‚ I’ve been travelling a lot since the start of November so training has been quite inconsistent in terms of doing lots of sessions away from my usual gym, so I’m v excited for a solid run of training now where I can just progress and get after it. I’m taking this week to just fully reset everything and make sure form is bang on, and I’ll progress from here. Strength shouldn’t be affected within the timeframe of this diet whatsoever, and actually I feel better in training with less food and bloat

    Weekly roundup:

    Genuinely just feeling GOOD so far!! I’ve been so excited for this diet and just to feel good again. I know pushing up and being uncomfortable is just part of bodybuilding and I can live with it, and for the most part I enjoy each phase but I love the mental clarity I get, and how productive I feel at the start of a diet. I also know my physique literally transforms when I’m lean and I have a waistline so I’m keen to see what’s hiding under the fluff πŸ˜‚

    Will update next week and as always let me know if you have any questions!! 🩷

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  • Sania

    January 15, 2024 at 11:35 am

    So excited to see how this mini cut unfolds, we are matching haha!

    When are you looking to start your first wellness prep? Have you planned anything out for that yet? x

  • emmacurrivanlfp

    January 17, 2024 at 12:05 am

    All the hot girls are mini cutting now πŸ€ͺ and I am hoping to compete around May/June 2025 so probably starting prep this time next year which is CRAZY. Hopefully these glutes grow before then lol

  • Rimini

    January 20, 2024 at 3:00 pm

    Very excited to see you develop into a wellness girly!

    • emmacurrivanlfp

      January 21, 2024 at 7:10 pm

      thank youuu <3 equally excited to watch you smash figure this year – defo the class for you!!

  • emmacurrivanlfp

    January 21, 2024 at 7:13 pm

    Mini cut week 1 doneeeee βœ…

    And we are sitting at 7.2lbs down this morning!! A good chunk of that was just initial water weight coming off, but I am for sure already feeling leaner which is very nice and shape is starting to come through a bit more whoo whoo

    Weight: 166.4lbs this am

    TD FOOD: 150P/175C/35F

    RD FOOD: 150P/125C/45F

    CARDIO: still 5 x 30 mins fasted

    Training Breakdown:

    Training has been pretty good this week!! Now that I’ve had one full week of training back in my home gym it’s nice to be able to go in with numbers to beat. I had to take an unplanned rest day on Friday as I only slept for 3 hours on Thursday night after having some crazy jaw/TMJ pain!! But aside from that I actually feel really good in sessions with a little less food, and some exercises are more comfortable now with less bloat lol, like leg presses and RDLs.

    Weekly debrief:

    Like I mentioned above I was having some crazy jaw pain curing the week which really affected my sleep, and I was also taking painkillers to help (they didn’t πŸ₯²). Because of this my weight was being a bit stubborn throughout the week and sitting around 169-170 but I knew exactly why this was happening and didn’t freak out, just stuck to the plan and had a big whoosh over night. I could see myself getting leaner so there was no doubt in my mind it was happening, and I’ve done so many diets now that I can usually rationalize if the scale isn’t doing what I expect – at least this early in a diet. Different story when you have prep goggles!!

    Now that I’m sleeping properly again I feel miles better and I’m in a good groove. I feel so much more confident in the gym already and even have been training with just a sports bra on, which I haven’t done in ages πŸ˜‚ my waist tends to come in quick, but it also gains quick – can’t have it all?!

    Just really excited to keep chipping away now and to see what muscle is hiding under the Chonk!!

    Also had a few tweaks to my poses from the boss lady and I already feel better in them, and I can’t wait for my lesson with the boss lady @Sania_LFP at the end of the month to start working on the details and flow 🀍

  • emmacurrivanlfp

    January 28, 2024 at 8:31 pm

    2 weeks of dieting done!! And sitting at a new low this week of 165.2lbs

    Everything remains the same – food is still at 150P/175C/40F on TD, 150P/125C/50F on a NTD, 5 x 30 min cardio sessions and 12K+ steps πŸ™‚

    Weekly summary

    This week was actually a fairly interesting week for me! I had a fair few days of the scale maintaining around the 166.4-166.6 mark which I’ll be honest, was doing my nut in πŸ˜‚ I’m a very experienced dieter and I know sometimes the scales doesn’t do what we expect, but I do still get a bit irritated when I’m ticking all my boxes and not seeing the drops. However, I also know my body and I know sometimes it will hold for a few days before whooshing down. So I just kept sticking to the plan (obvs, nothing else to do in these scenarios) and I knew that either I’d see the weight drop, OR we’d need to make a change and reduce calories/up expenditure. And obviously I was hoping the drop would come first lol.

    Then lo and behold, on Thursday – my period arrives!!! I haven’t spoken about this much online as it’s something I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of, but I haven’t actually had a cycle in a long time. No matter how long I’d spend in a surplus with bodyweight up, my hormones didn’t seem to respond. I’ve actually been going to a hormone clinic the last month to figure it out, and honestly thought it might be the case that I’d need full HRT. And it’s almost as if as soon as I accepted this and stopped stressing over if I’d get my period back, it came back πŸ˜‚ so I’m praying it stays, and this might change how we approach things over the next few months as I want that in check before I prep.

    Anyway, after that my weight did drop down to 165.lbs, and that puts me 2.8lbs down on average from the previous week πŸ™‚ Symptoms have been very manageable, appetite has actually been in the floor, some cramps which affected training a bit but nothing too bad – whoo! The main thing I noticed is I was being MEGA self-critical all week, but that’s nothing too out of the ordinary for me so I don’t know if that’s hormonal or just me in general hahah

    Training breakdown

    Some training sessions were TOUGH this week, which makes sense now that I an on my cycle. Strength actually didn’t really suffer and I progressed a lot of lifts but it was very mentally challenging to get through them. Spent todays session feeling like i was on the verge of tears for no reason πŸ˜‚ I’m also on week 9 of this training block so I’m bound to be feeling fatigued. Hopefully as I come out of my period and into the follicular phase, I’ll see strength and motivation to train improve


    Generally feeling ok about how I look. I know walking around day to day I look fine for a “normal” person BUT I am so aware of how much I need to grow my glutes and legs still, so that’s all I ever think about tbh. But thinking about it won’t grow them, working will! So I’m excited to get this diet done and get back to growing. For now, Im happy to have a jawline and waistline returning cos I missed them lol

  • emmacurrivanlfp

    February 4, 2024 at 8:47 pm

    Week of DIET: Week 3 done and dusted βœ…


    This week has seen a pretty damn big drop in bodyweight!! My lowest weight of the week previous was 165.2lbs, and I’m finishing this week with a low weight of 161.4lbs, and my average weight loss across the week is 3.1lbs down. I had a feeling this would be the case with me coming off my period but it’s always nice to see your body responding. We are pushing hard enough but when you start seeing the changes comes it just gets hella motivating, and I really feel like this week I LOOK a lot leaner too. My jawline and my waistline have made a return lol, I am always here for the diet face

    TD FOOD:

    Still ~1700 cals, no changes since the beginning

    RD FOOD:

    ~1570 cals, also no changes since beginning. Appetite and hunger super manageable tbh, it’s never something that bothers much in a diet, aside from the odd random night of waking up at 3 am with my belly rumbling lol


    5 x 30 mins, a few days the bike KILLED me this week, it can be tough to push yourself on it especially when I am training legs so much, but mama didn’t raise no quitter

    Training Breakdown:

    Training has been touch and go this week. One thing I’ve noticed is I’m a lot fitter at this bodyweight, so some of my higher rep leg sets are improving and I can make it through without gassing out. My session last friday was pretty terrible and I was getting aggravated AF as I hate when training suffers in a diet, but today’s session flew. Looking back I think the reason Friday was a dud is my lower back was so sore from my posing session with @Sania_LFP on Thursday πŸ˜‚ Defo a sign I need to be practising more!!!! Gotta build up that posing fitness and tolerance


    Honestly feeling great this week!! It’s feeling easy breezy for the most part aside from some cardio sessions being a drag. Focus, mood and energy are good, plus the sun is out which always helps. Tbh January was a bit of a meh month but I swear as soon as February started things picked up – anyone else get this?! Just really in my groove now with this diet and excited to see how things shape up. I’m definitely starting to see that I have actually built some muscle in the last year with my shape returning. I still always see my weaknesses and tbh I can’t wait to get stuck into growing again and to build these damn GLUTES oh my lord, but we will get there – I hope πŸ˜‚ We also made soem tweaks to my side poses which is making my glutes look much rounder and fuller, and obvs goes to show the importance of posing when it comes to displaying your physiqye

    Menstrual Cycle:

    In my follicular phase which prob explains why I’m feeling so good, and hopefully will continue to feel this way for the next 7-10 days at least πŸ€ͺ

    Here’s to another week of dieting!! I’m going out next weekend for my boyfriend’s 30th and Valentine’s day dinner in one, so just going to work my days calories around that and get something simple on the menu which shouldn’t be too hard. At the end of the day it’s more important to me to go out and celebrate that than be 100% on diet, and this time next year I’ll be on prep so I wont be enjoying any V day choccies then πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Sania

    February 5, 2024 at 4:55 pm

    Yes, training sessions always seem to take a bit of a toll when you pose for almost an hour! Many people underestimate how many muscles you contract when posing ! It’s important to take a bath after just to help with the fatigue haha!!

    How long are you dieting for Emma? Do you have a timeline?❀️

    • emmacurrivanlfp

      February 11, 2024 at 9:19 pm

      Honestly a bath or a full body massage would be amazing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      To be honest I’m not sure, whenever Christian tells me to stop haha, but my body has been super responsive so may only end up being 8-ish weeks but we shall seeee. I am dying to get back to growing already as I just feel small now – never satisfied as a bodybuilder innit

  • emmacurrivanlfp

    February 11, 2024 at 9:30 pm

    Happy Sunday gang gang!! 4 weeks of dieting finito, and it’s been another super productive week 🀠

    Scale weight

    Lowest weigh in was this morning at 158.8lbs, which puts me 15lbs down in total now since beginning this diet. It’s been so nice to just have a responsive body this time around and to be dropping so steadily. I keep thinking it’s surely gonna slow down and that my food will get dropped soon but so far so good, and calories haven’t been dropped since the start which is always nice. Cardio etc all remains the same too


    Training has been a bit up and down this week. Some sessions I’ve felt pretty strong and stable, and some have been just pants. This morning’s leg session was atrocious, I think I regressed every single exercise bar one, which drives me mad!! It makes me get in my head a bit, and it doesn’t help when I’m already just feeling like my legs are too small πŸ˜‚ I didn’t sleep the best last night however and I feel like when you are in a deficit, and doing a lot of expenditure, sleep NEEDS to be on point so that recovery is the best it can be. Will 100% be prioritising early nights this week to prevent this happening, and hopefully sessions will get better!! I am 12 weeks into this training block so it may be that I need a deload, but I’d rather get away with not having to take one during a diet, mostly cos 5 days off on rest day food sounds not very fun πŸ€ͺ will do it if I have to of course, but I’m hoping my momentum will kick back up

    Weekly rundown

    The week itself has been pretty damn good if I’m honest. It was my boyfriend’s 30th birthday this week so we went out for dinner. I just kept it simple and went for a steak which was easy to track, and just made sure the rest of the day I was on plan. Ended up coming down 0.2lbs over night so didn’t ruin it, obvs! I used to freak out about stuff like this in a diet phase but I think just maturing in bodybuilding I realise it’s not a big deal at all, and there is more to life than being 100% on plan, especially when you’re not on prep. I’ll be missing his birthday and Valentine’s dinner next year since I will be on prep, so better make the most of it this year πŸ˜‚

    Physique is looking fine, but I am truly in “fat flat” stage now. Muscles are flat so I look small, and not lean enough that I look defined in any way. Typical really, was so excited to diet but now I just can’t wait to get back growing as I have soooo much size to put on!! Especially in my glutes. We’re moving to 4 leg days a week once the diet wraps up so fingers crossed that helps these little stubborn buns πŸ‘

  • Holly Hickman

    February 12, 2024 at 8:05 pm

    Love reading your updates! Have a lil question around your use of metformin. I’m implementing 500mg (with the guidance of my coach), I have diagnosed PCOS and really hope it has some positive impacts. Just have a bit of anxiety around any sides and wondered what your experience has been like on it?

    • emmacurrivanlfp

      February 15, 2024 at 5:39 pm

      Hey Holly!!

      So Metformin can be incredibly beneficial in conditions PCOS so absolutely a good idea in terms of implementing it – one thing to note is that Metformi can deplete vitamin B12 so I would recomnend supplementing with ~1000mcg per day to offset this.

      I can’t say I have noticed any side effects or anything at all, but it is hard to say I’ve obviously been using other compounds that have more noticeable side effects. My general understanding is you won’t really “feel” metformin as it moreso work chronically vs acutely, but from my own experience and from speaking to others it is generally very safe and well tolerated. It may be worth just keeping an eye on fasting blood glucose to make sure you’re keeping it i a healthy range (or even to understand if it actually is helping with insulin resistance in your case).

      Hope that helps <3

  • emmacurrivanlfp

    February 18, 2024 at 9:01 pm

    5 weeks of dieting done and dusted βœ…

    It’s been another super productive week which I am BUZZING about to be honest guys. Every single so far has been nice and predictable in terms of rate of loss, and this week was no different.

    Weight came down to a new low of 156.0lbs (previous week low weight was 158.8ls), and average weight loss was 3lbs on the button.

    Puts me at 17.8lbs down in total so far!!

    This is definitely one of the breeziest diets I’ve had so far, which I think comes down to us just pushing quite hard straight out the gates, but also this is my first fully assisted diet with having testosterone levels in check plus lipolytics (coupled with 100% adherence of course πŸ€ͺ).

    So far my only issue is training and I have had a few rough sessions. I am due a deload I reckon, plus with my weight coming down this quick it is getting harder and harder to maintain performance. I’ve actually stopped properly logging sessions which is a big one for me as I normally live and die by the logbook, but it was starting to do more harm than good and I was having too many temper tantrums in the gym πŸ˜‚ I’m not wuite able to go fully logbook free but instead I’ve just been tracking weight, not reps, and focusing on doing high quality sets. I absolutely think there is a time and a place to logbook meticulously and everyone should do it for a period in order to learn their own limits and capabilities, but in some scenarios it makes sense to detach from it. I’ve definitely changed my mind on so much in the last year around training and I’m not so tied to only doing it one way, which is a good thing. Bodybuilding is one of those things where there’s actually so many ways you can do it, and sometimes it’s nice to experiment.

    Anyway, I think the plan is to diet for long enough, up till around the end of March anway. Im moving to Spain on the 27th of March so that week will be a stressful one, but we will likely push till then and maybe reassess. If there’s more to come off then we’ll keep going! The aim is to get to a really good set point before reversing and growinggggg before prep!!!

    I was actually somewhat happy with my pics today which is a nice win and I am usually so hard on myself πŸ˜‚ Still a ways to go but I actually think my glutes are looking denser and bigger now that I’m leaner. I also did some posing in the gym this week so I must be getting more confident as that’s something I’ve not done since 2022 prep. I really want to make posing practise more regular in my week now so that by the time I get up on stage it is flawless, because it really matters to have that flow and sass in wellness.

    No changes for now, still on the same cals/expenditure since the beginning. There was a mention of high days in last weeks check in…. so we shall see πŸ˜‚ TBH I’d rather a rest day with how battered I’m feeling but we will see what happens anyway <3

  • emmacurrivanlfp

    February 25, 2024 at 8:34 pm

    Mini cut week 6 complete whoo whoo!!!

    Again SUPER happy with how this week has gone, I’m officially sitting just shy of 21lbs down now in this time which is a bit insane. It’s crazy to think that in my 2022 prep, I dropped 40lbs in ~30 weeks, and now I’ve dropped half of that in just 6 πŸ˜‚

    2.5lbs down on average from last week, and from low weigh in to low weigh in I’m 3lbs down, coming in at 153lbs on the button this morning (starting weight 173.8lbs).

    This week has for sure been challenging in some ways. Since Friday I’ve been a hangry b*tch which is quite out of the ordinary for me. Usually when I’m dieting, I deal more with being fatigued and training been crap, but this week has sort of been the opposite. Energy levels have been solid and my training has actually felt good, so who know what’s going on haha

    I’ve changed my approach to logbooking this week and have just tracked loads used rather than the reps I do, and boy has this made a huge difference to training in enjoyment. With my weight coning down so quick it was getting pretty hard to maintain numbers and I was having a lot of hissy fits in the gym. Christian actually siuggested I stop logbooking all together but I’m not quite ready for that πŸ˜‚ So this has been my compromise. It’s been super nice as I can just focus on high quality sets and taking them to failure with good form – which should always be the goal anyway.

    Really realy happy with how my physique is looking now to. I feel as though this week I’ve broken through the fat flat stage and my shape is really coming through and I’m even seeing some lines in my legs appearing which is always fun. I don’t feel like I have to overpose anymore either now that I have a waist again πŸ€ͺ and I’ve been having so much fun working on my posing in the gym too, and just generally feeling more confident by the day. This is for sure a body comp I’m super comfortable in, so I’m just riding the wave and enjoying it for now, and excited for what’s to come 🀠

    Still no changes to the plan so we will crack on and see what next week brings 🫑

    • Rimini

      February 25, 2024 at 9:28 pm

      The wellness shape is coming!! You look AMAZING!

      • emmacurrivanlfp

        March 3, 2024 at 9:44 pm

        Thank you so so much πŸ₯ΊπŸ©·

  • emmacurrivanlfp

    March 3, 2024 at 9:55 pm

    Mini Cut Week 7 done!!

    Starting weight of diet: 173.8lbs

    Lowest weight: 152.2lbs

    This week has been an excitingggggg week you guys. After my weight dropping super steadily y ~3lbs each week, this week we ran a bit of a refeed/refresh. I was definitely feeling battered coming into this week, sessions were hard, hunger was HIGH, and I was feeling a bit flat. So when I got my feedback on Tuesday from Christian and saw he had implemented three high days I was one seriously happy girl πŸ˜‚

    I had three days of double carbs, so going from 175g carb on a TD up to 350g carb.

    Food sources all stayed similar to what I was either having during the deficit, or meals that I was having in my off season. Lots of cereal, rice, baked oats… UNREAL. It’s crazy how sensitive your taste buds get from dieting. I wish more people understood just how damn good whole, nutrient-dense foods taste when you’re not eating a load of processed sh*t day to day πŸ€ͺ Meals all went down super easy, and to be honest hunger still remained pretty high throughout, digestion on point, so all good things.

    My weight Tuesday morning was 153lbs, and that was my first high day. Across the week from Tuesday-Friday it basically maintained ~153, then after Friday’s high day it dropped down to 152.6, and today back down to my previous low weight of 152.2lbs. I’ve a feeling the next few days will see it shift pretty quick, and I am defo xpecting to be in te 140’s by next check in 🀠 It is super cool to see how well my body responded to more food. I had much more of a pep in my step during my sessions too.

    High days are a bit of a head f*ck however πŸ˜‚ I know the purpose and that the goal is to keep weight stable and restore fullness, but after having such huge drops every single week it’s hard not to feel like I’ve gone a bit backwards, and I miss that dopamine rush a bit for sure haha. But I obviously trust my coach completely and I know that these were needed, because I’m super excited to get back to digging now. But yeah, haven’t *loved* how I look the last day or two, which is probably just psychological due to the scale so I reckon in a few days I’ll be flying again lol. Also probably due to watching the Arnold’s this weekend and seeing just how damn good the top girls are – I cannot COPE with Francielle 😭🩷 She is simply perfection, I get emotional watching her hahaha

    Happy enough with my front shot and side shots currently, but my back shot is SO weak so I’m just buzzing to get this diet done and to get back to growing. Need moreeee glutes/adductors/hamstrings so I’m sure my next training block will reflect that 🫑

    Back to normal POA now with food and cardio (side note: I’ve been LOVING the stairmaster this week πŸ˜‚) and looking forward to cracking on over the next few weeks now!

    • Sania

      March 5, 2024 at 9:04 pm

      How do you mentally find refeeds when dieting? I struggle purely based off the fact.. I get into my head thinking i’m fat OR that I am no so hungry because I was eating all this food to being back to baseline.

      • emmacurrivanlfp

        March 10, 2024 at 8:45 pm

        I find them a head fuck tbh!!! Like as much as I like eating more, I convince myself I look so much worse πŸ˜‚ And it’s weird to feel as though you’re staying the same for a week, as opposed to seeing new lines etc etc. I think it’s different when you are genuinely peeled and can really see big visual changes but when I’m still carrying body fat I just feel a bit meh, it takes a few days back dieting for me to feel back to myself. I know they have a purpose but I’m the same and get in my head! And also I get SO hungry man hahaha, dreaming of big bowls of cereal now again rip

  • emmacurrivanlfp

    March 10, 2024 at 8:56 pm

    Happy Sunday LFP fam, hope we’ve all had an amazing week!!

    So that’s 8 weeks of dieting done now, and coming into this check in with a new low weigh in of 149.2lbs, and that puts me at 24.6lbs down in total since beginning. After my refeed last week I was keen to get back into the deficit. I’ll be honest, I was expecting to see my weight come down a bit quicker post high days and thought I’d be in the 140’s by Wed/Thurs but alas my body wanted to stay in the 150’s all week πŸ˜‚ BUT we finally got there today and I dropped .8lbs overnight and am feeling a hell of a lot tighter today!

    This week has been a busy one as my boyfriend’s parents were over to visit. On Friday we drove down to Niagara Falls and on Saturday we went out for dinner. I used to hate my routine being disrupted but I feel like once you’ve prepped, you get used to just navigating these things and making it work – not that either of these were a big deal at all, but being able to stay on track when moving about and doing things is v important. On Friday I just prepped al my meals, and ate one of them in the care before heading into the restaurant, and then just had a diet coke. Last night we went out for steak so that was fairly easy to track too! I know in these situations I *could* eat a bit more indulgently given I’m not on prep, and I know my coach wouldn’t care, but I want to get this diet done and the closer I stick to plan the sooner that happens. Also for me, these things are so much more about the experience and company rather than the food itself, so I’m happy to make some compromises. Just because you’re a bodybuilder or being on plan, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy yourself, and I think shifting that focus towards the experience is a huge help with that, and also remembering that it’s always YOUR choice to eat/not eat πŸ™‚

    Training has been going well too this week, and I think I’m at that point where you’re just running on adrenaline in sessions. I’m also v happy with how I’m looking currently and let’s be real, when you feel like you look sick, it gives training a boost πŸ˜‚

    V happy with check in pics today too, even vs last week I look a lot tighter. The changes in my shape is honestly mad and this week I can really see how much I’ve grown in my five month push up. It’s made me SO excited to grow again. I’ve actually had a few people ask why I’m not competing this year – and simply I’m not ready to. I know I *could* compete this year and do fine, but I know what sort of physique I want to present on stage and I need more time growing to do that. I’m also moving to Spain in two weeks and I want to enjoy my summer there not on prep tbh πŸ€ͺ

    Still no changes to the plan, same food/cardio/peds etc etc so for now I will just keep pushing on and make the most of the next two weeks of quiet life before I have to pack up my life and move <3

  • emmacurrivanlfp

    March 17, 2024 at 6:59 pm

    What’s up lovely ladies?!

    Mini cut week 9 is done and dusted – and we are 27lbs down 🀯

    Lowest weight this week: 146.8lbs (starting weight 173.8lbs). Average weight is down 2.7lbs from last week!

    Still no changes to the plan – same food/cardio/steps/PEDs are the beginning. Every week I’m waiting for this to slow down, but my body is just responsive af atm which is amazing.

    This week has been fairly breeezy in the sense that mentally I am feeling GOOD. Life is very sweet at the moment – I get to work with the most amazing clients, I’m moving to Spain in 10 days to live in the SUN, and I think the big move has me being very reflective on this last year. It’s almost been a year of working with Christian and being assisted too and so it’s cool to look back and see how much has changed in that time.

    Don’t get me wrong some days are tough in that I am for sure hungry, training is hard, and my sleep can be a bit rubbish (waking up at 4am hungry vibes), but at the same time I’m genuinely looking different every single day and that just carries me through. When I feel good mentally, my body follow so I’m just hoping this momentum keeps going πŸ€ͺ

    I reckon I’m around the same level of condition as when I ended my diet last year, but I’m 8lbs up!! Which is crazy to think, so there clearly is some new muscle there 🀣 I am feeling really good day to day in my physique and happy with how it’s coming together. Don’t get me wrong I do need to be bigger, but I am feeling more and more wellness by the day. My glute ham ties ins are startinggg to appear which always makes them look bigger, and it’s nice to compare the back shot from last year and see the density we’ve managed to build.

    This week is my last fully normal week before the move, so I’m just gonna make the most of being in a routine and keeping my head screwed on. I’m not worried about the move itself – it’s an 8 hour overnight flight, followed by another 3 hour connecting flight, but I’ll just prep all my meals and take a shit load of melatonin and hope for the best lol. That’s next week Emma’s problem anyway xoxo

    Here’s to another good week gang 🩷🀍

    • Sania

      March 20, 2024 at 6:12 pm

      How long do you reckon you have left of this diet?

      ALSO FYI I hate that your moving to Spain cause i’m jealous.

      • emmacurrivanlfp

        March 24, 2024 at 12:39 pm

        Around 3-4 weeks I thinkkkk 🀠 very ready to grow again now man 🀣

        and tbh i’d be jealous too xoxo we’ll have to do a team LFP retreat to Marbella lol

  • emmacurrivanlfp

    March 24, 2024 at 12:52 pm

    Soooo we are 10 weeks in and officialy 30lbs down this morning!!!

    Definitely time to stop saying “mini cut”, this has turned into just a regular old diet tbh πŸ˜‚

    Lowest weight: 143.8lbs (started at 173.8lbs)

    All protocols have stayed the same since the beginning, haven’t had to reduce food/increase expenditure/change PEDs, my weight has just steadily dropped 2.5-3lbs on average every week. I’ve never experienced my body being so responsive which is nice, but that certainly doesn’t mean it feels easy, and the last while it’s definitely starting to feel like a grind. BUT I kinda like it, and it’s making me excited for the real deal of prep next year 😈


    Training has been rough lately, and as much as I didn’t want to admit it, I need a deload. So Christian has ordered the next 5-6 days complete rest. At first I was like HELL NO, mostly cos I’m moving on Wednesday and I wanted to do as many sessions as I could in my current gym which is genuinely one of the best in the world, and also cos the though of. 5-6 days straight on rest day food was not appealing πŸ˜‚ But I put on my big girl pants and I know that continuing to push will just be pointless right now, and I can survive a few days on lower cals, as to be honest the days don’t ever end up being THAT bad, especially if I am busy.

    And lucky for me, I have a busy week ahead with the move! We fly on Wednesday evening to Marbella so really this is being timed well, and it will mean I’m refreshed and ready to go again once I settle

    All the signs for me needing a deload are there. Niggles (sore hip and shoulder), strength going down, super fatigued in sets, sleep crap, feeling very flat/fat and like I’m carrying a lot of fatigue. I know this will do me the world of good and have me in a great position ready to finish off the diet.


    I am generally happy-ish with how I’m looking. Obviously I want to be bigger and better lol but looking back at where I was when I first moved to Canada in January 2023 to now…. it’s huge (will attach pic for reference – kinda laughing at the fact I thought i was “wellness”). And I do always have to remember I’ve literally only been training for wellness for a year, and I compare myself to top pros who’ve been at it years so I need to chill out. Had a few days where I felt kinda chubby but again think that was the stress/anxiety of the move catching up to me, and also the fatigue that I know my body is under. But yeah, excited to grow a massive set of glutes xoxo

    Next check in will be in SPAIN and yes, I am very excited πŸ˜‚ counting down the days and hoping the go quick now hehe

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