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    Posted by Rimini on February 25, 2024 at 9:22 pm


    Ok guys, so it turns out ive been entering my lil updates on the wrong part of the website (silly me) 😆 however i’m sorted and ready to update you with this weeks massing phase!

    So, if you’re local to me you’ll know that UltraFlex has just opened in Derby and I went for my first session last Monday, went from wanting to buy a day pass….. to then walking into the place… INSTANTLY FALLING IN LOVE… and decided to buy a months membership. When i tell you my training has been amazing this week, its never felt like it before.

    I do really believe that the gyms atmosphere can be a huge determination to you having a good or bad session and also the environment of other people around you. Seeing people from instagram who inspire me daily…. now training in the same gym as me….. ITS INSANE!

    Weight has been slightly higher than expected this week due to TOTM and both myself and my coach Will know that this will come down slowly so its not a problem. My food and expenditure has not been changed this week.

    Posing practice has been a breeze and im finally gaining my bikini flow back that i had back when i competed in 2021! We’ve added the famous ‘RIMINI HAIR FLICK’ into my mandatories and my I-walk which im super happy about!

    Ill pop my most recent check in photos down below

    Weight is 116lbs on the dot

    outside checkins are now back and im 5 WEEKS OUT UNTIL PREP STARTS!

    So, if you’re prepping this year? When do you start? Lets celebrate prep TOGETHER!!!

    Rimini replied 2 months, 1 week ago 2 Members · 9 Replies
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  • Sania

    February 26, 2024 at 6:45 pm

    I agree with the training environment being KEY!!! ill see you there Tuesdays and Wednesdays 😛

    • Rimini

      March 4, 2024 at 9:29 am

      I’ve officially decided to train there all the time now! I’ll see you around!!

  • Rimini

    March 4, 2024 at 5:46 pm


    Hello guys, i hope you’re all having an amazing start to your week! So, here are my weekly updates for you!

    Weight is an average of 116.5lbs this week at fatigue has been quite high, mainly because the quality of training has been a lot better. Lets get into the details of me week!

    This week just gone has been a BUSY one to say the least! With training at a gym that isnt my work location I’ve had to stretch more time out in order to make sure that im not running behind/late for work after my training sessions so I’ve made myself more organised with that and made that 3 hours is dedicated to the gym, posing and the journey afterwards! As well as that, i am now getting a lot more requests for home visits which means i take my massage couch with me to peoples houses and treat them in their homes. Again, an amazing shift to work place as sometimes being in the same place every single day can be quite draining sometimes.

    Coaching side of things is going super well and ive had 2 new sign ups already this. month which means i have the most clients ive ever had currently which is a huge achievement for me and i never thought that i would do so well in such a short amount of time.

    In terms of training, it again has been AMAZING! Training at UltraFlex has honestly just given me a new type of quality to training. I can’t explain it, its been motivating to push myself as well as the fact that when i look around the gym I’m instantly uplifted by everyone else training with so much intent and effort.

    Posing practice has been great, i am struggling to constantly keep balanced however. Sometimes my ankles just go….. NOPE. It may mean getting a new pair of posing heels as i have had to buy the strap replacements as my original straps on the heels had snapped half way through my check in a couple of weeks ago. Im thinking if i buy them now, then i don’t have to worry about money later down the line :’)

    So, if anyone has heel recommendations for girlies with wider feet please reply below!!!

    Food updates

    My food has been upped (OH YEAHHHHHH) and now my cals are up at 1862 which for me is a nice amount. Cardio is still at 3x20mins a week and steps are still at 10-12k daily.

    As prep is very quickly approaching, this month is my priority to make the most out of my off-plan meals. So another question i would love to ask is…. Where would you guys recommend for some nice meals out?

  • Rimini

    March 11, 2024 at 8:09 pm



    Food has been upped and meal No1 has been switched from a yoghurt bowl with rice cakes….. to a BAGEL THIN WITH HECK CHICKEN SAUSAGES AND EGG WHITES… guys im going to be honest i cannot contain my excitement hehe.

    Macros are as follow

    PROTIEN – 187G

    CARBS – 221G

    FATS – 26G

    Food is at such a nice spot now and loads of room for when it comes to prep. Cravings haven’t been too high, however…. I’m using my off-plan meals to my advantage as i only have 4 of them left until prep. Which is actually kind of scary thinking about it, how quick these years have gone by.


    I have just received my third training split by my coach Will and it is as follows…..




    UPPER 2

    LOWER 2


    I’m assuming the main priority groups for me is quads, glutes, upper back and delts. As these are the main features to look out for as a figure athlete when on stage (THE X FRAME).

    Whilst I’m also typing this as i speak, im going through spotify to create an album of some potential routine tunes for my PCA show….. i know Sania and Amy will create something out of this world… i just need to practice so much to the point where it is effortless to complete day in, day out.

    My check in this week has got to be my favourite shots by far! I can now really see the figure shape in me show and im so please with myself and happy that i decided to take another year out of competing! At the end of the day, yes, you do need to get up on stage at some point. However, dont rush the process… take a year or two in off-season, build the foundations of your category and then prep 🙂

    images are below, honestly im super happy with them!!!

  • Rimini

    March 26, 2024 at 8:55 pm


    Ok guys unfortunately this isn’t going to be a positive check in 🙁

    ive had to make the decision to leave my coach and am currently looking over other coaches in the industry.

    So food is still the same for now and training is just following what I was given before i left my coach.

    On the positive side of all of this is that this didn’t happen whilst i was in prep which I’m SO thankful for! If I’m completely honest im still shocked about it all. It’s just not something you expect.

    Onwards and upwards

    Weight is up at 118lbs on average (as stress has been crazy high) however no changes to anything apart from training.

    • Sania

      March 27, 2024 at 8:04 am

      yes, was a very odd occurrence but as you say at least it happened now! Still just to keep up with you food/training and to get as much of a good start to prep as you possibly can!

  • Rimini

    April 1, 2024 at 6:57 pm


    On a more positive note for me this week. In terms of finding a coach, I am super happy to announce that i will officially be working with Finn Kelly (FKPhysiques) and I’m so excited to get started on Friday. The plan is to go into a priming phase for roughly 2-4 weeks as Finn wants to alter my macros (mainly up my fats as they were so low for an off-season as a natural female). If I’m going to be honest, this is something that i knew would need looking over. As my mini-cut Fats were only 16g its now essential that i also get my bloods done to go over my hormone panels and see if everything is where it should be. As my cycle never went in my last prep to becoming heavily irregular since November and I’ve not had this since being off any contraception. If any of you are debating to get your bloods done GET THEM DONE! ESPECIALLY before you prep!


    In terms of training, I was provided with a new training split 2 weeks ago which i now no longer have access of due to leaving my prior coach. So, i have been trying to remember the sessions that I did and I’ve just been using this time to try and enjoy these sessions until i get a new split on Friday! I’m super excited to get a more bodybuilding style training in as my programme was being change every 8 weeks which didn’t really give me enough time to fully progress on all the movements I was doing.

    The main aims in my physique now are my delts, upper back and upper chest. These are the priority body parts that i need to grow to gain more of a figure girl shape.

    MACROS again for now will be the same until given different on Friday which again, I’m so excited for!

    Steps and cardio remain the same also until possible things change on Friday.

    Weight has been sailing between 117.4 and 118.2 as the last 7 days my stress has been very high which has also caused digestion to be off as I have IBS. This means that stress can have a huge factor in terms of my flare ups and is not about the types of foods I eat (my flare ups are very rare).

    My show dates are still possible to hit and i will have a 20-21 week prep from start to first show instead of 23 weeks. Before signing with Finn I honestly thought that i wouldn’t be able to prep, I didn’t feel good enough, I didn’t feel like a good client (as my previous coach wasn’t treating me how I should have been treated. It gave me so much self doubt and I’m feeling so much better that things are now falling back into place, and i can fall back into love with BodyBuilding.

    I will give you guys all the changes as of next week but for now…. IM BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!

    • Sania

      April 2, 2024 at 6:25 pm


  • Rimini

    April 9, 2024 at 9:31 pm

    Massing phase week 10

    WE ARE BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER! I have officially had all my plans from Finn and I’m loving it! And like i said on my instagram if you follow me. I feel like a bodybuilder again. I feel like a client should, the support and communication i have had this past week has been amazing!

    Food has slightly changed so….







    CARBS- 175G


    Fats have been upped massively and i have really noticed a change in myself, my mood, my energy levels and my anxiety has massively improved. So fingers crossed with my TOTM and it is regular again. I was also able to choose my own meal plan which again, something i really enjoyed creating as i love making meal plans for my own clients and im very used to just getting a meal plan made for me by previous coaches. So i made sure everything on that plan i enjoyed.


    Training, there so many movements in the sessions that i really enjoy which is a breath of fresh air!

    So far i have done….

    UPPER 1

    LOWER 1

    UPPER 2

    So for now im just getting used to the movements and making sure i get the form correct before pushing the weight on the different movements. So, I will let you know next week how my first official check in goes with Finn and here are photos of my most recent check in that i did with myself.

    Weight was 118.4lbs




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