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    Posted by Sania on December 6, 2023 at 7:31 pm

    This is for all you trainer girls who are worried about having to wear heels on stage.

    Unfortunately, as females we DO have to were heels when posing, why you ask?

    It is because it elongates our physique and shows the element of femininity that is EXPECTED with all categories apart from Female Bodybuilding.

    How can you get better at wearing heels?

    Simply, you just need to wear them continuously. You need to treat your heels like they are your best friend. You need to feel comfortable with your heels and also trust them. You are most likely thinking “That sounds stupid” BUT, if you don’t trust them then how do you think you can walk and seamlessly with any type if flow.

    Every time you are posing! Take them to the gym, to a studio and even when you are practicing when you are at home

    Wear them AWAY from posing. When you are starting out, start wearing them around the house for basic chores… meal prep, hoovering, dusting ANYTHING. This allows you to focus on the other task at hand rather than what you are wearing. This is when you start to realise they are JUST HEELS

    Practice posing on HARD FLOORING only.

    This is super important as it allows you to remain balanced. If you are on carpet, your balance is completely off as the weight distribution wont be equal and could end up rolling your ankle! SO HARD FLOORING

    Find a big space and walk up and down MULTIPLE times.

    Do this with a fast pace as it’ll stop you from thinking about how to walk too much! Put some music on and walk to the fast pace beat!

    Once you have done the above, come to LFP for a posing session and we can go through the details on which type of walking suits you and go through the cues needed to get you walking nice and SASSY ready for show day!

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