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    Posted by Sania on July 4, 2023 at 3:18 pm

    One thing that is commonly forgotten is that everyone has to start somewhere. So the questions I ask is ¨Why are people embarrassed to say they are a beginner or just starting out?

    Here I am when I first decided to give posing a go in 2018.. As you can see i wasn’t very good.

    Even though you see me on social media posing well it doesn’t mean I found it really easy to get to the point that I am at.

    When you start posing with me, there are no judgements regardless of your level so please do NOT feel embarrassed to start posing with me because you don’t think you are very good. That’s the WHOLE reason as to why you are getting sessions. To be better.

    If you are someone who is a total beginner here are my recommendations on how to get you started on posing but also building your confidence.

    1- Start with the online courses LFP have to offer on this community site! Use the 6-8 week course to gather knowledge and get a basic understanding of the poses before our session!

    2- Pose in front of people maybe friends/family to help build confidence around others! Think about it similar to strength progression! Work your way up to being hidden in your room – in front of family friends – posing session – group posing session – in the gym – on stage !! Confidence takes time but work it up!

    3- Be willing to put the work in! Once you semi get the hang of the posing you’ll enjoy it more and start to feel confident in the fact that you’re doing it right!

    4- Listen to SOME BOMB ass music that makes you feel sexy, or flow! Or even music that you just like!


    Just remember, what you see on social media is just a snippet of someone’s life. You don’t see everything! Their hardships, their hard work, their fuck ups or even what they looked like when they started. So DO NOT be afraid or embarrassed to be a beginner. It’s okay.

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