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    Posted by Sania on January 2, 2024 at 3:55 pm

    02.01.24 Check-in

    Week of DIET: 1

    Weight: 67.8Kg

    TD FOOD: 2435kcals / 310g Carb / 50g Fat / 175g Pro

    RD FOOD: 2150kcals / 245g Carb / 57g Fat / 160g Pro (roughly as I have 100 Free kcal)

    CARDIO: 20 mins daily / 10,000 steps daily

    Training Breakdown: Due to it being just after Christmas and NYE I honestly haven’t had a chance to sit down and fully break down how I am going to do my training split! Now, I have a good idea but as some of you may know I am starting to get into olympic lifting. It is something that I find challenging and has a lot of skill based elements. Its something new that also can align with bodybuilding and also tests my ability in many ways more than one. This is what I believe has been missing for a long time. Bodybuilding is very much monotonous and I love that but I also needed another challenge to keep me sane in the gym.

    Working this into my split needs to be done correctly to ensure I have the ability to progress in both sports WHILST stilling enabling recovery.

    Currently my split is…

    Monday – Push (Olympic Jerks)

    Tuesday – Legs (Front squats + Cleans)

    Wednesday – Pull (Deadlift volume… example 5×5)

    Thursday – Rest

    Friday – Upper (Delta focused)

    Saturday – Glutes and Hammies

    Sunday – Rest

    Personally, I think this will work but like everything it needs to be put to the test before I can tell. I am sure i’ll have to make some changes along the way and thats okay. A lot of people judge me for doing this but I say do what you can and do what you love. You CAN ALWAYS make things work, you just have to be willing to put the work in!

    Funnily enough, Reece got me a FREE sessions for olympic lifting session which he is attending swell.. (this will be fun to watch)! Ill update you guys on how it goes, I hope I love it!

    Mentality: I feel ready to diet. I am definitely feeling uncomfortable now which being a couple kilos shy from my heaviest ever. I am doing quite an aggressive cut which I haven’t done A) on my own before B) for a long time.

    I want to get stuck into it and see some great progress! Ive implemented the triple whammy of lower food (quite a bit I was having about 3,000kcals a day, cookie included haha), cardio and steps (again I was doing no cardio before and about 5,000 steps a day…

    Menstrual Cycle: Regular and I honestly dont expect it to change through this as I am going to aim to keep fats rather high but also I wont be getting stage lean ! it takes me to be quite lean before it goes!

    Weekly debrief: Nothing I haven’t mentioned above, but really eggar now to just get stuck in and feel a little bit more confident and get into a routine! Ive been craving a little but normality over this period!

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  • Sania

    January 8, 2024 at 1:23 pm

    08.01.24 Check-in

    Week of DIET: 2

    Weight: 66.8Kg (1kg down)

    TD FOOD: 2200kcals / 275g Carb / 50g Fat / 165g Pro

    RD FOOD: 1900kcal / 190g Carb / 55g Fat / 160g Pro (roughly as I have 100 Free kcal)

    CARDIO: 25 mins daily / 10,000 steps daily

    Training Breakdown:

    This week has been really good! A few changes in regards to my split but that’s only because I have a Friday training partner now hehe… maybe you know her maybe you don’t!

    I generally struggle to find motivation in one of my sessions and take a guess… it’s my glutes and hammies😂 does anyone actually like Bulgarian split squats and hip thrusts 😂

    This is probably why my glutes are so shit.

    But, Kez also struggles with that session! We trained together the other day and really enjoyed it, so we decided to make it a more frequent thing! So every Friday we will be smashing that session which I’m super excited with!

    I haven’t had a training partner for a long time and I’m not ready nor can I commit to a full time partner yet, however, it is definitely nice to have someone by your side even once per week.

    I’m not sure if you guys had the same but on Tuesday the rain/storm was SO BAD where we were so we weren’t able to make the oly lifting class so no updates on that BUT I got 54kg on a clean and jerk yesterday! PB BBAY!!!

    Mentality: I HAVE MISSED DIETING! Although the early mornings will need getting used to. Waking up with enough time to get my cardio done and 3.5k steps!

    Menstrual Cycle: I shouldn’t start my period for another 2ish weeks, I can feel myself getting more tired and emotional 😂… I have quite pms symptoms , sometimes worse than the period it’s self but I’m very lucky Reece understands that now. I also attempt to manage my feelings as much as I can, cause my god I can get touchy🥹🫠

    Weekly debrief: Not going to lie… I thought I would have lost more than a KG this week… but still happy with the result. I really don’t wanna be in this diet phase for too long so I have added an extra 5mins to the daily cardio and reduced my kcals by a couple hundred. Just to sit in a real nice deficit and make this a quick in and out job!

    Of course no visual changes yet (I wish) onto the next week !

    Reece and I are doing a very last minute get away to Leeds to try out UF leeds and also Muscle bound. We love to trial out new gyms and reece doesn’t mind driving so it works well! I suppose this is were we are quite lucky we can generally work anywhere!

    We booked an air bnb yesterday evening and I’m currently in the car driving to Leeds now!😂 We will be getting some food and I have planned it so I will still be eating within my plan!

    I’ll also get some videos of the gyms for you guys!?

    Anyone actually train in either one of these gyms?💗

    • Sania

      January 17, 2024 at 9:49 am

      17.01.24 Check-in

      Week of DIET: 3

      Weight: 66.5

      5Kg (1kg down)

      TD FOOD: 1900kcals/ 238g carb / 43g Fat / 155g Pro

      RD FOOD: 1600kcals / 175g carb / 40g Fat / 15og Pro

      CARDIO: 30 mins daily / 12,000 steps daily

      Training Breakdown:

      This week I have pushed myself I think a bit too far… the worse parts of coaching yourself is suppose.

      When I mean I have pushed myself to far, what I mean is for my 30 mins of cardio I have been doing running and AMRAPS as I honestly just find static cardio non stimulating. As it is completely new to me and requires a lot physically my body is so fatigued as I am training exactly the same.

      My legs are constantly fatigued and I actually have got an injury in my left shoulder which was some what fixed until I started doing wall ball squats and watched the weight funny.. not ideal right!

      I am currently loving my runs and AMRAPS this is by fat the fittest I have felt since I did athletics in primary school!!!!😂

      Even though I have build up all of fatigue my sessions are decent, but I die out in sets a lot quicker which is to ideal. So… its time I reset and sort this training out! Its hard cause I wanna do all these things and forget I am only human and NOT a robot.

      I spoke to Reece (my partner) and we have decided to take Friday->Sunday as a recovery days… 8k steps + 20mins cardio + Rest Day food just to get myself refreshed as we think my body is freaked and thats why my weight of loss is super duper slow.

      This is where not having an incredible amount of structure in food prior to dieting bites me in the ass… were talking 3-4 months macro tracking but also eating what I wanted when I wanted as I wanted a bit of a sit back away from the 5 meals per day malarkey.

      After the rester we are training 4x per week Push / Legs / Pull / Glutes and Hammies

      1x AMRAP / 2x RUNS per week ONLY on rest days. Training days we do static cardio.

      This will help cover recovery whilst also doing things I enjoy, but there had to be a compromise haha!

      The reason I am running is because myself and @bethsmith0523gmail-com are doing…


      If you want to donate please click the link here – https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/sanias-race-for-life-4


      Mentality: I have been annoyed with the little weight loss but so much happier with my fitness levels! I am NOT starving, I am NOT feeling awful (I mean you’d hope so entering only week 3 of a diet) so I am generally happy, just wouldn’t mind having ABS hahah!

      Menstrual Cycle: I shouldn’t start my period SOON so I think this could be playing a massive role as it usually hits on the 20th! lets see shall we… the female body is super duper hard isnt it hahah

      Weekly debrief: MORE SO… Just so excited to be training to do a 10k with my bestie but also its been nice having structure and routine back in my life with this diet! Ive been busy with LFP as we have A LOT of new things coming your way as I wanna keep providing you with the best.

  • Sania

    January 30, 2024 at 7:34 pm

    30.01.24 Check-in

    Week of DIET: 4/5

    Weight: 65.4

    TD FOOD: 1800kcals/ 225g carb / 40g Fat / 155g Pro

    RD FOOD: 1500kcals / 165g carb / 40g Fat / 150g Pro

    CARDIO: 35 mins daily / 12,000 steps daily

    Training Breakdown:

    This week has honestly been really good! I finally feel as though my body is understanding the assignment of being more active! Obviously running is quite an impactful sport and with it comes a lot of fatigue. Fatigue I most definitely felt with weight lifting too… but this week has been far better!

    I ran my first 6km in 38 minutes and this was totally liberating! I didn’t believe I’d be able to do it, but it just goes to show if you put your mind into something you can achieve ANYTHING! 💗

    Weight training has also been goal well, lifts have been improving, strength is still there and just honestly having the TIME OF MY LIFE when it comes to training. I lost this post show, I really did loose myself and my love for it BUT I BACK BABY.

    Mentality: It was a really good week. Weight is still slowly shifting but visually I am feeling more confident than ever. My clothes are fitting nicer I’m starting to notice a bit more condition and with that I am a happy Sania. ITS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT.

    Another thing I may add is I have had the occasional off plan meal due to events, friends and family and this is something I wanted to keep in this diet phase, I don’t want it to similar to a prep, I wanted to get fitter, loose weight but ALSO have a bit of a balance. With smarter choices and understanding of what to eat or where to go for food, you can still be super social in a diet phase! Not in a prep tho guys… so yeah! Managing that has been super fun as I don’t feel like I’m dieting AT all really.

    Menstrual Cycle: I started my period last week and this is why my check-in is slightly late. I wanted to show you guys a non bloated self and plus those CRAMPS were real. I put something on my story the other day and it was how my PMS symptoms and time of the month symptoms had changed after 2 years having the coil… it seemed to be quite normal and a lot of people experienced the same thing. Eager to know if any of you guys have the copper coil too?

    • Holly Hickman

      January 31, 2024 at 7:50 pm

      Smashing your runs Sania. Running outside is literally the best feeling.

      Arms overhead poses looking amazing as always

  • Sania

    February 6, 2024 at 7:41 pm

    30.01.24 Check-in

    Week of DIET: 6

    Weight: 65kg

    TD FOOD: 1800kcals/ 225g carb / 40g Fat / 155g Pro

    RD FOOD: 1500kcals / 165g carb / 40g Fat / 150g Pro


    TD FOOD: 1650kcals/ 189g carb / 35-40g Fat / 155g Pro

    CARDIO: 35 mins daily / 12,000 steps daily

    Training Breakdown:

    This week again has been a superb week! Deadlifting again which is awesome and still have loads of energy even with being in quite a deficit!

    I got 115kg deadlift for 5 and I am going to keep these in for a WHILE to see how strong I can get them!

    Massive milestone for me was running 5km in like 28mins which is the FASTEST I have EVER run per KM, so really happy with that! Honestly I don’t think it’ll be long before I hit 10km runs

    Mentality: super pumped.

    It is almost the end of my diet phase which is super exciting! I achieved what I wanted to achieve.

    – Higher appetite ☑️

    – Better routine ☑️

    – More confidence ☑️

    – Structure ☑️

    – Increased fitness level ☑️

    Now, even though I say the diet is soon done I don’t want to get massively big in my off season. Yea I love bodybuilding but I also love my mental health, my general health and wellbeing and being relatively fit is super important to me! I will be taking the reversely stage practically and tbh not change much! Slightly increase food but I’ll be keeping in my steps and daily cardio! However, it’ll be less for weight loss more for general well being and also for RFL!❤️

    This diet has been different to others… most of my diets have been a prep. .. so when I do diet I struggle to think of it as anything less than a prep, super ON IT, no balance… nothing. Whereas this time I have had meals out even dessert *controlled to some extent of course* when events occurred (like this weekend in Scotland)

    I’ve macro tracked every day so my cravings or want to eat has been met each day! It’s honestly the best diet I have ever done and that’s just because I have learnt what is best for ME. Not doing static cardio for one😂

    My week has been good, nice to see a weight drop even though I did have two meals out whilst in Scotland! Really enjoying life at the moment and embracing everything that comes with it and once you do that, a diet is easy!




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