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    July 10, 2024 at 3:47 pm

    Happy Wednesday everyone <3

    A bit of a later update from me this week, and boy has it been a *week* 😂

    I ended up with a bit of an injury this week AGAIN which resulted in a missed session, an emergency trip to the doctors and prescription anti-inflammatories and painkillers. Stunning vibes all around 🥰

    Training had been going well all week, and Thursdays quads and delts session was pretty good too. I have been dealing with a bit of a niggle in my right knee, which I have a feeling is down to a bit of a wonky leg extension in one of the gyms I train in putting more pressure through my right knee so I’m going to try and use a different leg extension or use it single leg moving forward. However after my session my neck started getting super stiff, and it got worse and worse through the night. I couldn’t move properly on Friday so my chiropractor came over and adjusted my neck/spine which helped a bit, and I decided to skip out on training which KILLED me cos I fkn hate missing sessions but even I knew it was a bad idea lol. Thought I was hunky dry but then overnight on Friday night the pain got worse, I wasn’t able to sleep properly and even ended up awake at 4am with a packet of frozen raspberries pressed on my neck for relief 😂😂 Not ideal. I woke up and couldn’t move my head at all and knew something was definitely up, so made an emergency doctors appointment. He had a look and told me it wasn’t anything neurological, just a super inflamed muscle that needed rest – lowkey how embarrassing to need to go to a doctor for that 😭 but I was in PAIN bruv I swear haha. He put me on anti-inflammatories and Tramadol which helped but tbh wreaked havoc with my digestion. Didn’t go toilet for a few days vibes which is TMI but we have nos secrets here xoxo not bueno whatsoever and gained 5lbs across the two days!!

    Obvisouly I know why the scale went up but that doesn’t mean it didn’t still throw me a bit, but I just had to remind myself that literally nothing changed except for the medications. I didn’t want to take my progress pics but decided not to be a baby and just do it and actually felt miles better after, as I could see I definitely hadn’t gained loads of fat. For sure a bit watery and softer but nothing extreme, and since stopping the meds my back is better and so is my digestion <3 Feeling full from good ol Primo peaking right now tbf.

    I was able to get back training on Sunday and was just careful not to do anything silly, and with back training I just left 1-2 RIR to be safe.

    Been focusing a lot now on mobility and stretching, especially my lower traps which I think are weak and a big contributor to a lot of the shoulder/scap issues I’ve been having, and hips of course which get battered by all the lower body training.

    Weight is still up a bit (sitting ~148lbs whereas last week was 144-145) so I’m hoping that settles down but I feel a lot better visualy now and I’m excited to crack on. 4 weeks left on cycle/till I head to Ibizaaaa for my hols so definitely motivated not to get too chunky lol. No changes to food or anything else, just manifesting a few weeks of pain-free training please the lord!!




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