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  • Amy

    July 4, 2024 at 4:26 pm

    WEEK 10

    Life has been crazy this last week between the first timers show on sunday and helping @Sania_LFP move into her beautiful new bungalow! Add in 2 kids with a stomach bug and its been pretty exhausting!

    Prep on the other hand is moving extremely well we are full steam ahead with changes at pretty much every check in, plan is to dig dig dig and really get things going but visuals are exactly where we want them to be.

    Steps are up to 12k TD and 14k NTD now and food has been dropped both days once on sunday and again today so things should really move before the end of the week now 👌

    Had a big weight drop monday night and been feeling that a little bit in terms of hunger and tiredness but i have a lot going on personally too which doesnt always help! BUT we are prepping and we have to get shit done so thats exactly what we’ll do!

    Not really much else to report! Enjoy my moody 5am check in photos 💕




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