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  • Mel

    July 4, 2024 at 10:03 am

    Hello ladiesss, how is everyone doing??

    We are on to WEEK 7 of prep & I can’t quite believe how quickly time is going 🤯

    The low days have continued!! So not really any changes from the last time I updated you all, we continued with the low days up until Wednesdays with lower carbs, 40 mins cardio daily, and 12-13k steps! This worked an absolute great dropping a good few pounds and can visually see massive changes!

    So my lowest weight this week was 122.4lbs (hovering between this and 123lbs now) so we are doing 2 high days now just to refresh a little and get ready for another dig from friday! So no cardio, 10k steps and slightly higher carbs (nothing big at this stage)!

    Mentally this week has been a little more tough, fitting everything in, feeling myself drag a little but we powered through and got all our shit done 😜 myself and the other LFP coaches also went to the FIRST TIMERS show on Sunday which was FAB! So great to see some of you girls there and can’t wait to go see many moreeee 🙌🏼

    Lots of exciting events happening across July & August which I can’t wait for! Still have some slots available for in person & online session so get yourself booked in! Bikini girls I am here to help you soon toooo ❤️❤️





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