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  • Rimini

    July 1, 2024 at 8:36 pm

    TEN WEEKS IN….. TEN WEEKS OUT till the first show of the SEASON🥳

    Guys I CANNOT explain my excitement 🥹 the time is going by SO FAST!!

    Changes as are follows since last week

    Cardio- 400cals per day (2800 per week)

    Steps- 16k (8k with a 5kg weighted vest, 8k without)

    Food remains the same as well as posing rounds 🫡

    Weight at the lowest was a HUGE drop at 111.3lbs (3.5lb drop in a week which was CRAZY)! All I’m going to say is I’ve definitely felt it!

    As I get deeper into prep it makes me realise how quick it goes as well as how the whole process flies before your eyes, do not take your prep or off season for granted! Embrace and enjoy every single moment of your journey ☺️

    I’m super happy with visuals and training is still improving here and there (major lifts have had a bit of a halt).

    These next Ten weeks are going to be tougher than the first ten… but I’m willing to do what it takes to beat me three years ago🫡




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