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    June 30, 2024 at 2:58 pm

    Happy Sunday everyoneeeee, how are we all doing?!

    Another week done and dusted, and it’s an exciting week this week with quite a few changes to discuss!

    Average bodyweight this week: 144lbs

    The week started off with a 4 day deload like I mentioned with complete rest from the gym, ahead of this next 6 weeks mesocycle of training. First few sessions back have been mostly really good. I did end up getting a weird niggle in my back on my first session back (how typical!) but luckily my chiropractor came the next morning to sort me out, he said my ribs were a bit locked up and cracked my back and I was all good 😂 I am absolutely noticing more tightness and just really need to be on it with my mobility and stretching right now, as it affects so many things, especially training and POSING of course. I always take my first week back post-deload to make sure execution across all lifts is nailed, even if it means taking regressions, so that I can ensure I’m starting to progress from a good spot.

    We also had ANOTHER food increase this week 🤪 current totals are sitting around:

    – 190P/380C/45F on a TD

    – 190P/325C/55F on a NTD

    This will vary slightly depending on what food sources I pick on a given day but generally quite close to this. It’s actually wild that my food is this high already, I’m already eating more now than I was at the end of my last push up when I was like 30lbs heavier. I’m happy I took my time and was mindful with eating off-plan etc, it’s meant my baseline food can be nice and high now so I can GROW baby. But let me tell you guys… my appetite was flying till this week but now I am FULL. I blame the heat in Marbella 😂 I haven’t experienced true low appetite in years, but there’s been a few nights I’ve been staring down my bowl of pasta wishing for it to eat itself hahaha. So just being smart now with food sources – lots of wraps, smoothies, and bagels is the protocol now.

    The other change this week is I am back on cycle, so primo is back in at 50mg per week which is the same dosage as previously, this will potentially be escalated in a few weeks so we shall see. Have had the initial scale weight jump but I know this is just part of the process for me, and I’m sure in a few weeks time I will just feel nice and bubbly and full. As always sometimes the scales going up throws me but generally day to day I feel good. If anything I feel better now especially when I’m wearing “normal people” clothes or getting dressed up to go out for dinner etc as I’m not walking around with crazy looking delts, and my ass is juicier so I’ll take that!

    Everything else is going well, super happy with my routine here now in Marbs, life is good, sleep has been great and I’m just excited to see what we can do over the next 6 weeks 🥰




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