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  • Mel

    June 27, 2024 at 1:35 pm

    Week 6!!

    A slightly later check in this week as I had an in person check in on Sunday with my Coach as some of you may have seen on Instagram! Dan was really happy to with the look BUT lots of exciting changes have been made…

    We have started carb cycling 🙌🏼 weight was being a bit stubborn so this was the perfect opportunity to push things along with a week of low days… so from Monday we started on low days and will be pushing this until next Wednesday just to hopefully get a good chunk off whilst I’m still feeling good & fresh!

    Weight is currently at 125.4lbs so a 2.2lbs drop since Sunday! And visuals are looking v different!

    Low days consist of 12-13k steps, 40 mins cardio and a pretty big drop in carbs (as usual I don’t know the calories sorryyyy)

    We’re still taking 2 caps of HR labs fever daily too!

    Mentally feeling really good and happy with where I am at 13 weeks out, however one big difference I have noticed is how flat I am looking… I can definitely tell a difference on low days in terms of getting a pump (ie the pump is non existent 🤣) but I know it’s all part of the process and you HAVE TO GET FLAT TO GET PEELED!! Although I don’t look full training is still amazing and not lost any strength (it’s all a mental game 🤘🏼)

    We keep digging for now 🫡

    How are all you prep girlies getting on??




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