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    June 23, 2024 at 3:40 pm

    Happy Sunday loves, hope we have all had a fantastic week <3

    So this week has ended up being a deload week!! I’ve definitely feeling a little more mashed recently and haven’t pulled back from training since we shoot. I had a lot of the usual signs of needing to rest, my body was quite achy, my knees have been clicking like crazy and I could feel them crunching during my sessions, motivation to get in the gym was slowing down a good bit. I woke up on Friday feeling like I’d been hit by a bus and just knew my body needed the rest. This also just made sense as next week I’m going back on cycle for 6 weeks, and I knew if I didn’t rest now, I’d need to in a week or two, which wouldn’t have been ideal with being on! So this is timed well, means I’ll be nice and fresh for the next 6 weeks of training so that I can get the most out of it before I next deload – when I head to Ibizaaaa for my birthday hehe. So 4 full days rest is in, and I’m already buzzing to get back training 🤪

    Average scale weight has somewhat maintained the last week but it’s been fluctuating a LOT between the 142’s-143’s and even had a 141 weigh in one day. One thing I noticed is that before, my weight would usually drop after a leg day and go up after upper/rest days, whereas now it’s the opposite and it always jumps up after leg days and then drops down after upper/rest which really just highlights how much inflammation I hold after training legs haha. For sure have had moments of “ugh” seeing the scale go up but just constantly reminding myself this is the goal now, and the fact I’ve only gained like 3-4lbs in the last 7 weeks is very good going. I know that going back on cycle next week I will see the scale go up a bit faster so just have to strap myself in and mentally brace myself for it and NOT tell myself I look shit immediately 😂 so easy to get in our own heads about it but the goal right now is to grow and with that means a higher bodyweight, we can’t stay shredded just for the sake of it.

    Been running usual rest days foods the last few days plus a meal off plan last night where we had some gorgeeee Asian. It’s so nice having so many new restaurants to try here with being new to Marbella, I am in my foodie element.

    Don’t love my shots this week and for sure feeling a bit softer but I know I still look absolutely fine, and day to day I feel good too which is the main thing, and I feel strong in sessions which is of course the priority.

    Buzzing to get back to the gym on Tuesday now and to just have a really nice productive growing phase over the next 6 weeks, let’s see what gains we can make 🫡




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