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  • Mel

    June 18, 2024 at 1:55 pm

    Week 4/5 of prep 🙌🏼

    14.5 weeks out from my first show this year, where is the time going?!!!

    Weight has been fluctuating a little over the past few days but my lowest weight was 125.8lbs which is 2.2lbs down this week still with very few changes made! Really happy with the look so far and definitely starting to see big changes especially through my back and midsection!

    I worked out my current Cals to give you all an idea

    TD: 2061 cals (not including veg)

    P: 167g

    C: 244g

    F: 47g

    RD: 1539 cals (not including veg)

    P: 149

    C: 166

    F: 31

    Cardio is still at 5×30 mins and steps 11-12& daily (although I do tend to get between 12-14k without trying hard)

    Also taking 2 tablets of fever

    Mindset: honestly feeling so good at the moment, everything is going to plan so far, loving what I’m doing, busy but all the stress I enjoy so we keep goingggg! Feeling really positive about this prep and so glad I waited this long between shows, you really do have to be ready and in the right mindset!

    Training has all been going really well, still progressing and energy is good throughout my session so no complaints there😊

    I hope everyone is good and things are going well for all you girls on prep too 🤍




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