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  • Rimini

    June 17, 2024 at 7:33 pm

    Week 8 all done and dusted!

    Lowest weigh in this week was 114.4lbs and quite a few things have changed…..



    Cals – 1450

    Pro- 160

    Carbs- 135

    Fats – 30

    Rest day is still the same as last time!

    Weighted steps have gone from 5k to 7.5k (still at 5kg).

    1 tab of pre-shreds has been added to the supplement mix (before AM steps/cardio)

    And another 150cals added onto cardio 2600 in total across the week now!

    Training is still progressing with one or two movements holding a little bit of a grudge but sometimes this happens and regardless of the phase you’re in…. That’s normal.

    Overall, prep hasn’t gotten too tough I will still say (deffo jinxing it). If anything it’s made me become a better person☺️

    I had so many awful stresses a couple of months back and even though what someone may say “wow that must be tough” I would always choose prep over the mini cut and off-season I had completed before it!

    These past 10 weeks I’ve felt like a bodybuilder again, my passion has come to light, and my physique will speak for itself on this subject (will pop a transformation in). It’s Crazy to think I am only 12 weeks away from my first show back. It only feels like yesterday when I turned to Jack and said “I’ve got 150 weeks to go, I’ve got ages” TRUST ME, The weeks fly by before even noticing!

    Anyone in their off-season / building phase take these tips…..

    Stick with your coach if they are doing a good job! I actually can’t wait to start my offseason with Finn as I know he will help me get far in this sport!

    Take your time, there’s no rush to return to stage! At the end of the day, when we step off stage, we want to become better… unfortunately it takes time to do that. Regardless if you are natty or assisted… patience will always win!

    Enjoying the building process (no, I know it’s the least glamorous part) but this is the part where you push yourself, and keep taking them steps forwards!

    The last photo is from December 2023 to Thursday. Trust me, you can change the potential when you’re in control!




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