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    June 16, 2024 at 1:30 pm

    Happy Sunday my loves 🩷

    Hope we are all doing amazing!!

    It’s been another busy week but also another productive week of off-season!!

    Average weight this week was 142.5lbs so a bit of a jump from the previous week.

    Definitely had a few moments this week where the scale jumped up a bit into the high 142’s, and even came up to 143 yesterday, and I thought “shit, I must look awful”. It’s funny cos no matter how many times you reverse and gain weight, these thoughts can still crop up!! However I’ve been through this enough times to know these thoughts are normal, and that these are the times where you need to step back and look at the bigger picture. Firstly, weight fluctuations are totally normal, and the whole point of reversing is to GROW and gain weight, it’s literally the goal, and secondly just because you see a certain number on the scales, doesn’t mean you look any worse. I am for sure at the point where I nearly get nervous for my check in, in case I hate what I see, but every week I’m pleasantly surprised and like what I see. I’m also LOVING training, feeling super strong, and enjoying lots of good food, and that’s what the focus needs to be for now. I think it’s helpful to share these things because reversing can be difficult, no matter how long you’ve been in the game, and just know that if you’re in a similar boat you ain’t alone!!

    This week was a bit mental. I was actually due to fly home to Ireland Wednesday-Friday for two client shoots, and was all prepped with meals and ready to go. Got to the airport and my flight was delayed from 6:20pm to 1:20 am which would have had me land at 4am, and then I’d have to try 4 hours the next day up and back to the shoots, so I took the L and just went home. Was soooo devo as I love being at client shoots but it just wouldnt have made sense with the lack of sleep etc, and I was for sure carrying a lot of stress about the travel too which defo affected the scale and how I felt!!

    Aside from that it’s just been a nice week of training and working, been a super busy week for coaching with new sign ups whihc is always lovely. Its getting HOT in Spain now, and doing anything during the day is tough 😂 but I am not complaining about the sun and heat I promise xoxo

    No changes to food this week, missed a cardio session as the gym was closed for painting whihc I wont lie, I wasnt too mad about as my legs are for sure heavy. Soreness-wise I am still fine and progressing lifts but walking up the stairs in my house I can absolutely feel the fact that I’m training legs so much haha. Booked in for a massage next Saturday with someone who come’s highly recommended so hoping that does the trick.

    One more week in fake natty mode before primo goes back in, and watching the European pro-qualifiers on atm I am very ready to be back on and to get massive, I wont lie 😂 But time is on our side and we still have many months left to get wham, so lets do it!

    Catch you next week 🩷




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