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  • emmacurrivanlfp

    June 13, 2024 at 4:16 pm

    Another week of the off season done and dusted 🫡 (and also another slightly late update because the week has been manic, which I’ll update on in next weeks log hehe)

    Average weight this week: 141.05lbs (starting weight of off-season ~139lbs 5 weeks ago)

    It’s been a super steady rate of gain since wrapping up my diet, and I’m really starting to settle into this phase now which is so nice. Last week I knew I was in “build mode” when the scales dropped down to 139.8 and I got annoyed about it 😂

    But then we had another bump in food and that’s gotten thre rate of gain back on track. I’m actually already on the same amount of carbs as when I wrapped up my last off-season push up – 350g on a TD, 300g on a NTD and I am loving it still.

    It was a super nice week as two of my friends came out to stay with me in Marbella, and we spent the few days catching up, training and just chilling out a bit which was so needed. Even though I’ve lived in Marbella for two months now there’s a lot I haven’t seen and when you work online for yourself it’s easy to just stay inside all day and work, so spending less time on my phone and in work mode was so welcomed and my heart is super full after 🩷

    Training is still progressing well, and there’s days I walk into the gym and genuinley cannot believe my own strength and the numbers I’m lifting. Recovery on 4 leg days is still pretty good, although I do feel a bit mashed some days and the ol leggies do be heavy but it is what it is, I think I have to accept this is just my life now haha.

    Visually still nega happy with how things are going, I’m a lil softer but legs and glutes are filling out so I can’t compain about that at all. Obvs just wanna get WHAM quick but bodybuilding is all about taking your time and not rushing the process, and I have a long ol’ stint of growing ahead of me so I’m trying to just appreciate this phase of the journey and enjoy off season before prep – which I am SO excited for. I’m planning to compete this time next year so it’s quite cool watching all the shows and thinking this time next year that will be me 🥺




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