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  • Mel

    June 5, 2024 at 2:26 pm

    Week 3 of Prep ❤

    3rd week and first few small changes made since we started! This year we’re aiming for a whole new level of condition going into athletic figure so we are just keeping things ticking along by adding some more cardio and slightly reducing carbs.

    Weighed in at 129.6lbs this week so only a 0.4lbs drop this past week (after a big drop last week) but visuals are much better and have waist is measuring smaller.

    The food drop was just 1 apple on both training & rest day, extra 30 mins of cardio added. So currently doing 5×30 mins cardio per week and 11-12k steps daily.

    Feel like a broken record since starting prep but its been a busyyy few weeks… I have done quite a few extra hours at the gym which has taken it’s toll a little but managing everything the best i can and reminding myself that i am genuinely doing what i love and thrive off pushing hard. Got a lot of exciting things coming up (including the tesla event this weekend – so excited to see lots of you girls there!! 🤗) embracing all new and exciting things going on!

    Happy with how everything is going so far and exciting to keep pushing potential!




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