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    June 2, 2024 at 12:19 pm

    Happy Sunday LFP loves!!

    It’s been another good week of this reverse/improvement phase. We’re officially one month post-shoot now, and it’s crazy how quickly the time has flown!!

    Weight average this week: 141.5lbs (+0.7lbs from week previous)

    Weight has crept up on average this week, however it has actually trended down all week. I was 142.2lbs at the beginning of the week and it then started to drop steadily, and this morning I’m at a low of 140.4lbs which is quite interesting to see. Last week the only changes made were removal of one cardio session, but food stayed the same so potentially more food needed 👀 I guess we shall see haha!

    Appetite is still in a great spot, hungry and enjoying meals although it’s starting to get HOT in Marbella and that does usually make getting in cals a little tougher but as of now, I’m a hungry girl. Had an off-plan meal yesterday of some gyozas (FAVE) and teriyaki chicken which I thoroughly enjoyed, tracked in and stayed within cals for the day. Said it before but my mindset around eating off-plan has changed a LOT this go around because I do want to manage my rate of gain, and realistically going out and eating excessive amounts of cals at a three-course off-plan each week (while delicious lol) aint smart. It’s for sure easier to do this in Spain because the quality of food is so much better and when you go out for meals it’s nothing in comparison to how much food you’d get in US/Canada, so that helps 🤣

    Another week of training flying too and seeing some mad strength progressions. Legs are recovering well and I’m being super intentional especially with glute training because I do have to think SO MUCH about glute exercises as connection isnt always the best, especially on my left side haha

    V happy with visuals this week. I think a big factor of my reverse going well this year (aside from better adherence) is just having my body in a spot where it’s primed stay a touch leaner. Last year when I reverse, my testosterone levels were still quite low, I had only just started using T3, and I wasn’t using GH. Whereas now, my test is sitting nice and high (still within physiological range for a female) and I’m using GH which can help with mobilising fatty acids to use for fuel – both of these have a positive impact on helping me stay leaner imo.

    Excited for another week of getting whammyyyy hehe




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