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  • Amy

    May 29, 2024 at 9:01 pm

    WEEK 4 ✅

    Weight: 62.4 (0.5kg down)

    Really solid few weeks and good weight drops but more importantly the visuals are really changing. I can already see so many improvements from my last prep which makes me happy!

    Mentally i havent been in a great place for a few weeks, anxiety is HIGH AF! But im continuing to tick my boxes and keep busy which helps a lot. Lots of things can trigger anxiety and I want you all to remember that its okay to not feel 100% especially when prepping but you do have to reach out and lean on your support network when you need to and thats exactly what ive done.

    Training is good currently, still moving really good weight and enjoying my training programme!

    Legs (hammies and glutes), push, pull, legs (all) , delts, legs (quads and glutes)

    I am taking rest days intuitively at the moment as and when needed as thats what works best not only with my schedule but also for my body. If i have to take a rest for childcare reasons or work i will and if i have to take a rest because my body is screaming at me i will!

    Food still hasnt changed from week 1 but cardio is now up to 45 mins daily fasted so we shall see what a difference that makes this week. The plan is to keep food high for as long as we can until we hit a point where my expenditure is at its peak. Tbh i would much rather do more cardio and eat more than drop my food!




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