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  • emmacurrivanlfp

    May 28, 2024 at 2:46 pm

    What is up gorgeous people, how are well doing this week?

    Back with another off-season update, and we are officially 4 weeks post-shoot/into the reverse and I cannot get over how fast the time is flying.

    It’s been another super solid week in the books this week, with bodyweight coming up around 0.5lbs after we added in more food last week. My highest weight of the week was 142.2lbs and average was 140.8lbs.

    Appetite is in a really perfect spot at the moment. I’m hungry without being ravenous, and really looking forward to every single one of my meals. I’m usually SO boring with food but I am really in my chef era so I’ve been trying a few different meals and recipes – this week we made the Tiktok greek yogurt pizza dough for a macro-matched off-plan meal on Saturday and it BANGED, omg. I’ve tried a few different nice things like homemade paella and pineapple fried rice, and I am currently obsessed with different Weetabix cheesecakes and Ninja Creami combos 😂 to be hoenst the longer my appetite can stay like this the better, as I don’t want to be in a position where I’m stuffed constantly any time soon, and especially with it getting hotter in Marbella I know this is likely to happen eventually. But for now I am eating good lol

    Training has been UNREAL this week. I’ve now done a full rotation on my new split with 4 leg days and I am really loving it, and recovery is actually great. Legs a tad heavy at times but no crazy DOMS. I’m already checking to see if my ass is bigger 🍑 numbers are absolutely flying and I honestly think I am seeing better strength progressions in this reverse than in my last one, when I had primo in place. Right now it’s just my usual TRT + food and I am thriving. I’m leaving the gym just feeling so satisfied with sessions, and I get lowkey excited the night before for the next day. I just feel so lucky and grateful to be feeling so good and working towards my goals right now, and I just know that every single session is adding up towards what that final look on stage will be, and I know the vision I have in my head of how I want that to be, and every single set, rep, and session counts right now!

    The only change we’ve made this week is removal of one cardio session so now I’m now at 2 x 30 min on rest days which I’m really happy about, as that third session on top of the 4 leg days was a bit much 😂

    Excited for another week of getting massive, and for a posing lesson and catch up with queen @Sania_LFP on Thursday hehe




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