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  • emmacurrivanlfp

    May 22, 2024 at 4:01 pm

    Helloooo lovely people!! Hope you’re all well <3

    Off szn is off to a cracking start whoo whoo

    So we are currently sitting at three week post-shoot now and I am SUPER happy with how the reverse has started off.

    The 1-2 days following my shoot I was sitting between 138-139, and in the weeks following my weight has fluctuated around the 140 mark, with two food increased in that time.

    Both last week and this week we’ve had 25 carb added, and I’m currently on 180P/325C/45F on a TD and 180P/275C/55F on a NTD.

    We finally got to out for a long-awaited date night in Marbella this weekend and I had an unreal steak meal. Something I’ve changed this time around with my approach to off-plan mwals is just being a bit smarter and pulling back throughout the day and pre-guesstimating the meal out on MyFitnessPal ahead of time just to ensure I’m not going too far over my calories, as I do really want to control my rate of gain. In the past I avoided this because it felt like almost having to “earn” off-plan food or I was a bit nervous it would lead to overeating, but my relationship with food is just in such a better place now and I’m in much more of an “athlete” mindset with it, I have a long stint of growing ahead but my ability to stay in this phase is dependent on me not being a little greedy piggy when eating off plan. To be fair it’s much easier to control in Spain than when I lived in Canada as the food culture is so different here, and my boyfriend has just started a diet so he’s being tame which helps as I am easily influenced 😂

    Last week I ended up a bit sick at the start of the week and then I also picked up a weird injury training on Thursday where my upper back was completely locked up and I was in BITS, luckily I was able to get an emergency chiro appointment on Friday morning and he sorted me right out. I was a bit raging as I had just started my new split but thankfully I was able to get straight back into training.

    I’m now on four leg days FINALLY and have just completed my first rotation and I am loving it already. LOTS of glutes and hams as these are a weakness for me and they need to be absolutely whammy but hopefully we will get there. Training has just felt so unreal with more food and better sleep, and I am so excited to really get stuck into the split and to make improvements now.

    I feel really good physically which is so nice as I do usually struggle post-diet, and when the scale goes up I have that initial thought of “I must look shit now” but then I see myself and realise I still look fine 🤪 If anything I prefer not looking quite as shredded and grainy, especially when I get dressed in normal human clothes and go out into the wild lol

    Here’s to another good week of eating good and building that positive momentum!!




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