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  • Mel

    May 8, 2024 at 8:16 pm

    Hi girlsss,

    A very exciting one this week as this will be the last post before prep starts!!! So final week and a bit of enjoying some food, getting ready for my holiday on Saturday evening and will be back to start prep on the 16th May 🤗

    I won’t lie to you girls, i am at the stage in offseason where i just want to be lean now… its been a longgggg time since stage so i’m honestly just excited to see the progress i have made! But this is a reminder to you girls that you really have to embrace the offseason, embrace those curves and you really will see a difference! I am starting prep at the same weight as i did last time, for anyone that has followed my journey for a while, you will know my body comp is soooo much better this time!!

    No changes this week as we know this week won’t be perfectly on plan, with a busy weekend (and an unplanned vet trip for my little Flex – hopefully you all know my little pup by now, so that meant a missed training session but anyone with a dog will know… you literally do anything for them! p.s. he is ok now!!)

    Life happens sometimes and not everything will go perfect but it’s just important to do what you can and work hard!

    Super excited to share my prep with you girls this year for my second season 🤩




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