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    May 6, 2024 at 1:34 pm

    The mini cut has come to an end!!!!!

    So guys, that is it. The not-so-mini-mini-cut is DONE – 16 weeks and almost 38lbs down in total.

    Start weight 173.8lbs -> lowest weight 135.4lbs

    The last week has really just been peak week for my shoot which I did on Thursday the 2nd, and I had the BEST time. Sunrise on the beach, immaculate vibes and I had so much fun.

    This was an interesting week with peaking for the shoot. We ran 4 days of fat loading (five meals with 25g protein, 15g of fat and zero carb) which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but defo won’t be going keto any time soon lol. Monday was 500 carb (UNREAL), Tuesday was 357 carb. I was absolutely stuffed and it’s so funny how quickly your stomach shrinks after dieting for so long, I was almost excited to go back to no carbs for the day before the shoot 😂

    1 day out was just protein/fats, no veg after meal 2, no salt, and no water. I drank around 7 litres before noon and then cut it off which was a bit grim, not gonna lie, but it did the job and I woke up on shoot morning feeling pretty damn good!! On reflection I do think I may have liked two days of pulling back before the shoot as I don’t tend to feel my BEST directly after higher carb days and I actually think I preferred the look when I was 2-3 days into fat loading as I felt super tight, although defo flat. But that’s good to know and good for Christian to know for next year too, and really a lot of this was a chance for him to see how my body responds! Pics below are from shoot morning and I am v happy with them to be fair.

    I always find a peak week a bit odd as you’re pulling back cardio/training/steps after so long of pushing, so it’s been nice to get back to that.

    And then on Friday I flew home to Ireland for the LFP Irish Stage Workshop which was SO fun and it was so amazing to see my LFP girls and two of my clients who are competing this year 🥺

    Anyway, reverse targets are in, and once I fly home to Spain I have a new training plan to get stuck into. I’ll start a new log next week and give a full debrief of how post-shoot has gone and what the POA is 🩷

    I also recorded a video basically running through the entire diet and peak week – it’s 20 mins long but you may want to take a watch so I’ll link it here!!





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