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  • Mel

    May 1, 2024 at 9:03 am

    Happy 1st May everyone (anyone else think this year has gone SO FAST😮)

    2 weeks out from starting prep now!!! Honestly so excited to start prep now, feels like such a long time since the last so super excited to see the improvements that have been made!

    Few little changes have been made this week just to really prime the body ready to dig! Small drop in steps and a little extra carbs in the post workout:

    TD food: 2925kcals

    NTD food: 2500kcals

    1 off plan meal per week

    8k steps

    Bodyweight is still sitting between 133-134lbs which i am happy with, we don’t want to see this moving too much now!

    This week was one of them weeks that was not 100% i missed one training session and had an extra off plan meal butttt i am not going to beat myself up as i had a lot going on this week and also have the flexibility to eat a little extra when i want before prep starts 👀

    Generally really happy with how everything is going at the moment, it is definitely going to be a learning curve with lots going on and managing workload but so excited to be doing it all and definitely nothing to complain about 💃 It was so great to see some of the LVFIT girls at the posing workshop on Sunday, we went through quite a bit and it was great to bring a team of girls together!! 😍 lots more to come!

    Another busy couple of weeks with a full day of posing sessions next Monday, then the stage workshop, thennnnn i am heading straight on holiday for a little break just before prep starts 😜




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