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    April 14, 2024 at 1:03 pm

    Happy Sunday LFP GANG GANG How are weeee?!

    Wrapping up week 13 of this not-so-mini-mini-cut 🤪 and it’s been another productive week of fat loss.

    Lowest weight this week was 136.6lbs (starting weight 173.8lbs) which puts us just over 37lbs down now, and I’m down 2.6lbs on average from last week. I was fully expecting weight to hold around the 139 mark since we introduced Anavar and but it seems my body wants to just continue dropping weight, so here we are lol.

    Not going to lie, I have definitely been feeling a bit rough at times this week, mostly because my sleep has just been in the absolute bin. Most nights I’m waking up a lot throughout the night, and getting around 6 hours sleep which for me is not good!! This does happen when I’m lean and it’s simply down to the fact that my body wants me up and trying to eat 😂 However aside from being a bit tired, I am honestly still feeling so fine. It’s been a crazy busy week with lots of new clients signing up which meant lots of consult calls and set ups, and a few other projects going on in the background, and that’s just kept me distracted. Hunger is relatively low (the heat helps for sure) and the route for my daily walks along the beach is so bloody nice that it’s easy to keep steps nice and high.

    I did suffer a bit of a hip/glute/back injury training legs last week which was causing issues but I had a physio appointment and she worked her magic and I’ve been hunky dory since. Training sessions have alose been quite productive – a combination of novel adaptations within the new gyms I’m training at, and also anavar’s role within acute performance enhancement I’m sure. So despite going into sessions feeling wrecked, performance is solid which is nice.

    I did decide to book a photoshoot this week just to give me something to push towards, and given I’m fairly peeled now I thought why not 🤠🤠 it’s on the 1st of May which will fly in, and then I am excited to grow (and eat a little more and hopefuly sleep properly haha).

    Physique wise I am quite happy with what I’m seeing, still need a LOT of size but that will come with time. I actually played around with doing my front pose on the other side this week and I ain’t mad at it, feels super unnatural still but hopefully with time it will improve, as it makes the first transition hella easier.

    This week coming is an exciting week as I am heading to Manchester to speak at a business event, and I’ll also be meeting the LFP gang and meeting Christian for the first time in person too!! It’s going to be mental few days but I am very much looking forward to it, and then once I’m home I pretty much just have one week left of dieting which is WILD. Here we gooooo hehehe 😈




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