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    April 7, 2024 at 1:07 pm

    Happy Sunday guys!!

    I just realised I completely forgot to update my log last week – but it was an absolutely mental weekend because I MOOOOOOVED TO SPAIN!!!! So I’ll do an overview of the last two weeks and how that’s gone in this update.

    So that’s 12 weeks of dieting done which is crazy to say and the time is flying, and this morning we are sitting 34lbs down and I’ve cracked the 130’s – weight was 139.8lbs today after hovering in the 140’s all week.

    The move itself was obviously quite tiring and stressful, but I was on a deload from Monday 25th – Friday 29th of March which was absolutely needed, and it helped me to manage the travel a whole lot better. We had 15 hours of travel, leaving Toronto and Wednesday night, stop over in Frankfurt for an hour and then to Malaga, but I’m super happy with how i managed to stay on track. I just prepped my meals and brought them with me, plus relied on protein powder and my trusty Blendjet (travel blender, LOVE HER), and dark chocolate as a fat source 😂 very much convenience nutrition but we made it work, and I made sure to get cardio done early in the week so that I wasn’t chasing my tail once we got to Marbella.

    We then ran three high days of 400g of carbs which was SO NICE. Gimme all the fooood hehehe. Although in typical Emma fashion, I felt pretty crap when I was actually running them and convinced myself I was both really fat but also really small, which is a dream combo, but I’m blaming some of that on jet lag tbh. Weight came up from 140.8 to 143.4 across the days, which defo had me in my head. But now that I’m back into the deficit I’m feeling good and excited to keep chipping away.

    We have made a slight change to the protocol this week with the introduction of Anavar, just to test my response before prep next year. It has definitely had a huge impact visually just in the last few days and I feel a lot fuller and harder. Everything else is the same in terms of food/steps/cardio, with walks being a lot more fun now that I’m doing them in the sun and along the beach 🥺

    I’ve been trying out different gyms in Marbella and finding my feet and I feel so much more settled into my routine now, and I’m excited for the next few weeks. We’ve set a potential end date of 4 weeks time, but I’m actually going to see Christian (plus the LFP GANG) in two weeks time so we’ll see what he thinks then. I had a moment on Monday where I was SO sick of dieting and just wanted to stop, but I think I was just super tired cos since then my head is back in the game!

    Definitely super happy with this week’s check in, we are in unchartered territories now and I’ve never looked like this before.

    Obvs cannot wait to grow again but for now let’s see how freaky we can get 😈😈




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