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  • Amy

    April 3, 2024 at 2:48 pm

    Weight: 64.5KG (-1kg)

    TD FOOD: 2985kcals, 210P, 390C, 65F

    LEG DAY FOOD: 3321kcals, 210P, 420C, 65F

    RD FOOD: 2235kcals, 175P, 270C, 20F

    CARDIO: 30 mins daily

    TRAINING SPLIT: Still the same

    Bit of a different check in this week….I have been quiet on here for a few weeks!

    I’m not usually one for sharing my personal life BUT I made a promise to be open and honest about my journey with you guys on here so that is what I will do!

    Last Wednesday I got the news that my Nan passed away, we were aware that this was coming and for the 2 weeks prior she was very unwell. I took some time to prioritise spending extra time at her bedside and naturally bodybuilding wasn’t at the forefront of my mind.

    I didn’t take the news particularly well…Im always deemed to be an extremely rock solid person and quite hard faced when in reality im very emotional and things often affect me more than I maybe let on.

    So this last week has been a bit of a write off tbh. I had absolutely no motivation and absolutely no appetite. Hence the 1kg loss (not ideal with only 3 weeks left in my off season)

    HOWEVER what I want you guys to remember is that we are HUMAN not robots and if we have to take some time to be in our emotions for a while then that is actually okay!

    Being at the PCA First Timers at the weekend and seeing you girls up on that stage was what I needed not only to distract me from how I was feeling but also to remind me of my goals and to give me the motivation to push forward. I get a massive high from seeing my clients succe!

    This week were back to rinse and repeat and reminding myself that my Nan was my biggest supporter, she would be fuming at me if I took my foot off the gas. The funeral is in a few weeks and im sure that will be just as taxing and if needed I will take some time to be present in my emotions then too. But for now we keep on moving!




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