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  • Rimini

    April 1, 2024 at 6:57 pm


    On a more positive note for me this week. In terms of finding a coach, I am super happy to announce that i will officially be working with Finn Kelly (FKPhysiques) and I’m so excited to get started on Friday. The plan is to go into a priming phase for roughly 2-4 weeks as Finn wants to alter my macros (mainly up my fats as they were so low for an off-season as a natural female). If I’m going to be honest, this is something that i knew would need looking over. As my mini-cut Fats were only 16g its now essential that i also get my bloods done to go over my hormone panels and see if everything is where it should be. As my cycle never went in my last prep to becoming heavily irregular since November and I’ve not had this since being off any contraception. If any of you are debating to get your bloods done GET THEM DONE! ESPECIALLY before you prep!


    In terms of training, I was provided with a new training split 2 weeks ago which i now no longer have access of due to leaving my prior coach. So, i have been trying to remember the sessions that I did and I’ve just been using this time to try and enjoy these sessions until i get a new split on Friday! I’m super excited to get a more bodybuilding style training in as my programme was being change every 8 weeks which didn’t really give me enough time to fully progress on all the movements I was doing.

    The main aims in my physique now are my delts, upper back and upper chest. These are the priority body parts that i need to grow to gain more of a figure girl shape.

    MACROS again for now will be the same until given different on Friday which again, I’m so excited for!

    Steps and cardio remain the same also until possible things change on Friday.

    Weight has been sailing between 117.4 and 118.2 as the last 7 days my stress has been very high which has also caused digestion to be off as I have IBS. This means that stress can have a huge factor in terms of my flare ups and is not about the types of foods I eat (my flare ups are very rare).

    My show dates are still possible to hit and i will have a 20-21 week prep from start to first show instead of 23 weeks. Before signing with Finn I honestly thought that i wouldn’t be able to prep, I didn’t feel good enough, I didn’t feel like a good client (as my previous coach wasn’t treating me how I should have been treated. It gave me so much self doubt and I’m feeling so much better that things are now falling back into place, and i can fall back into love with BodyBuilding.

    I will give you guys all the changes as of next week but for now…. IM BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!




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