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    March 24, 2024 at 12:52 pm

    Soooo we are 10 weeks in and officialy 30lbs down this morning!!!

    Definitely time to stop saying “mini cut”, this has turned into just a regular old diet tbh 😂

    Lowest weight: 143.8lbs (started at 173.8lbs)

    All protocols have stayed the same since the beginning, haven’t had to reduce food/increase expenditure/change PEDs, my weight has just steadily dropped 2.5-3lbs on average every week. I’ve never experienced my body being so responsive which is nice, but that certainly doesn’t mean it feels easy, and the last while it’s definitely starting to feel like a grind. BUT I kinda like it, and it’s making me excited for the real deal of prep next year 😈


    Training has been rough lately, and as much as I didn’t want to admit it, I need a deload. So Christian has ordered the next 5-6 days complete rest. At first I was like HELL NO, mostly cos I’m moving on Wednesday and I wanted to do as many sessions as I could in my current gym which is genuinely one of the best in the world, and also cos the though of. 5-6 days straight on rest day food was not appealing 😂 But I put on my big girl pants and I know that continuing to push will just be pointless right now, and I can survive a few days on lower cals, as to be honest the days don’t ever end up being THAT bad, especially if I am busy.

    And lucky for me, I have a busy week ahead with the move! We fly on Wednesday evening to Marbella so really this is being timed well, and it will mean I’m refreshed and ready to go again once I settle

    All the signs for me needing a deload are there. Niggles (sore hip and shoulder), strength going down, super fatigued in sets, sleep crap, feeling very flat/fat and like I’m carrying a lot of fatigue. I know this will do me the world of good and have me in a great position ready to finish off the diet.


    I am generally happy-ish with how I’m looking. Obviously I want to be bigger and better lol but looking back at where I was when I first moved to Canada in January 2023 to now…. it’s huge (will attach pic for reference – kinda laughing at the fact I thought i was “wellness”). And I do always have to remember I’ve literally only been training for wellness for a year, and I compare myself to top pros who’ve been at it years so I need to chill out. Had a few days where I felt kinda chubby but again think that was the stress/anxiety of the move catching up to me, and also the fatigue that I know my body is under. But yeah, excited to grow a massive set of glutes xoxo

    Next check in will be in SPAIN and yes, I am very excited 😂 counting down the days and hoping the go quick now hehe




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