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  • emmacurrivanlfp

    March 17, 2024 at 6:59 pm

    What’s up lovely ladies?!

    Mini cut week 9 is done and dusted – and we are 27lbs down 🤯

    Lowest weight this week: 146.8lbs (starting weight 173.8lbs). Average weight is down 2.7lbs from last week!

    Still no changes to the plan – same food/cardio/steps/PEDs are the beginning. Every week I’m waiting for this to slow down, but my body is just responsive af atm which is amazing.

    This week has been fairly breeezy in the sense that mentally I am feeling GOOD. Life is very sweet at the moment – I get to work with the most amazing clients, I’m moving to Spain in 10 days to live in the SUN, and I think the big move has me being very reflective on this last year. It’s almost been a year of working with Christian and being assisted too and so it’s cool to look back and see how much has changed in that time.

    Don’t get me wrong some days are tough in that I am for sure hungry, training is hard, and my sleep can be a bit rubbish (waking up at 4am hungry vibes), but at the same time I’m genuinely looking different every single day and that just carries me through. When I feel good mentally, my body follow so I’m just hoping this momentum keeps going 🤪

    I reckon I’m around the same level of condition as when I ended my diet last year, but I’m 8lbs up!! Which is crazy to think, so there clearly is some new muscle there 🤣 I am feeling really good day to day in my physique and happy with how it’s coming together. Don’t get me wrong I do need to be bigger, but I am feeling more and more wellness by the day. My glute ham ties ins are startinggg to appear which always makes them look bigger, and it’s nice to compare the back shot from last year and see the density we’ve managed to build.

    This week is my last fully normal week before the move, so I’m just gonna make the most of being in a routine and keeping my head screwed on. I’m not worried about the move itself – it’s an 8 hour overnight flight, followed by another 3 hour connecting flight, but I’ll just prep all my meals and take a shit load of melatonin and hope for the best lol. That’s next week Emma’s problem anyway xoxo

    Here’s to another good week gang 🩷🤍




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