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  • Amy

    March 12, 2024 at 6:12 pm

    Weight: 64.5KG (-0.1kg)

    TD FOOD: 2705kcals, 210P, 320C, 65F

    LEG DAY FOOD: 3105kcals, 210P, 420C, 65F

    RD FOOD: 2055kcals, 175P, 270C, 20F

    Food is the same this week, i have been struggling with my appetite and didnt want the pressure of trying to eat more when i already couldnt manage what i was eating!

    CARDIO: still 30 mins a day

    Training Breakdown:

    Legs x3 (glutes and hammies x 2, quads and glutes x1)



    Mentality: In a good place mentally with everything other than my appetite which has been non existent! HOWEVER i have not put pressure on myself and just listened to my body, eaten as much as i can for the last few days and today my appetite is much much better and i have been feeling hungry in between meals. I was stressing because your gal loves food and im normally ravenous 24/7 so this was out of character for me!

    Weekly debrief:

    All in all a pretty consistent week! Training has been good, I took 2 rest days this week which was needed as ive been feeling sore. I had a massage on friday for my dodgy shoulder and tricep injury which was emotional but needed (recovery is key girlies)!

    Over the weekend i took a trip into london for a change of scenery, we trained in a different gym and then got Sushi after which was lush.

    Fit 2 Pose launched on sunday which was so exciting. Its been a project i have felt very passionate about and i think will benefit you all a lot. Let me know if youve checked it out and your thoughts!

    Looking forward to the next week of growing, not long now until prep which im extremely excited about!




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