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    March 10, 2024 at 8:56 pm

    Happy Sunday LFP fam, hope we’ve all had an amazing week!!

    So that’s 8 weeks of dieting done now, and coming into this check in with a new low weigh in of 149.2lbs, and that puts me at 24.6lbs down in total since beginning. After my refeed last week I was keen to get back into the deficit. I’ll be honest, I was expecting to see my weight come down a bit quicker post high days and thought I’d be in the 140’s by Wed/Thurs but alas my body wanted to stay in the 150’s all week 😂 BUT we finally got there today and I dropped .8lbs overnight and am feeling a hell of a lot tighter today!

    This week has been a busy one as my boyfriend’s parents were over to visit. On Friday we drove down to Niagara Falls and on Saturday we went out for dinner. I used to hate my routine being disrupted but I feel like once you’ve prepped, you get used to just navigating these things and making it work – not that either of these were a big deal at all, but being able to stay on track when moving about and doing things is v important. On Friday I just prepped al my meals, and ate one of them in the care before heading into the restaurant, and then just had a diet coke. Last night we went out for steak so that was fairly easy to track too! I know in these situations I *could* eat a bit more indulgently given I’m not on prep, and I know my coach wouldn’t care, but I want to get this diet done and the closer I stick to plan the sooner that happens. Also for me, these things are so much more about the experience and company rather than the food itself, so I’m happy to make some compromises. Just because you’re a bodybuilder or being on plan, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy yourself, and I think shifting that focus towards the experience is a huge help with that, and also remembering that it’s always YOUR choice to eat/not eat 🙂

    Training has been going well too this week, and I think I’m at that point where you’re just running on adrenaline in sessions. I’m also v happy with how I’m looking currently and let’s be real, when you feel like you look sick, it gives training a boost 😂

    V happy with check in pics today too, even vs last week I look a lot tighter. The changes in my shape is honestly mad and this week I can really see how much I’ve grown in my five month push up. It’s made me SO excited to grow again. I’ve actually had a few people ask why I’m not competing this year – and simply I’m not ready to. I know I *could* compete this year and do fine, but I know what sort of physique I want to present on stage and I need more time growing to do that. I’m also moving to Spain in two weeks and I want to enjoy my summer there not on prep tbh 🤪

    Still no changes to the plan, same food/cardio/peds etc etc so for now I will just keep pushing on and make the most of the next two weeks of quiet life before I have to pack up my life and move <3




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