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  • Amy

    March 5, 2024 at 9:30 pm

    Weight: 64.6KG

    TD FOOD: 2705kcals, 210P, 320C, 65F

    LEG DAY FOOD: 3105kcals, 210P, 420C, 65F

    RD FOOD: 2055kcals, 175P, 270C, 20F

    Food has gone up on leg days only by 100g carbs so im having 100g carbs both pre and post training now, this is mostly because its only my legs i need to bring up at this point and i need more energy to be able to push harder. Plus leg days are now at 3x a week so thats 3 out of 5 training days on higher food.

    CARDIO: still 30 mins a day

    Training Breakdown:

    Legs x3 (glutes amd hammies x 2, quads and glutes x1)



    Focus is mainly on glutes now as thats really what i need to bring up at this point, upper is where i need it and if i push too much more im going to be looking at moving out of bikini which im not ready for yet!

    Mentality: Mentally im in such a good place this last few weeks! Everything is heading in the right direction! Training is flying and im more at peace with my off season body.

    Honestly being around @Sania_LFP has helped me so much with this because shes always reminding me its okay to be fluffier and to stop being so hard on myself! DO NOT TELL HER THIS but shes been a massive help for me mentally through the off season and i would be a self critical mess without her 😂

    Menstrual Cycle: peace has been restored!

    Weekly debrief:

    The last few weeks have been so crazy with half term, then travelling to Glasgow for the group posing and then this last weekend i travelled to Birmingham for the Posed in 8 Stage Workshop and then we hosted the NFMUK group posing in Peterborough.

    Diet and training hasnt been completely on routine and ive had more off plan meals than i would normally allow myself especially when training is not be 100%. This would spiral me BUT honestly ive been having such an amazing time working like crazy and getting to meet so many of you guys it really hasnt affected me!

    A few weekends off now with my kids and then the end of march is CRAZY! Were heading to Wales later in the month and then i cant believe im saying this but the season is beginning 😱

    I will be at the March PCA First Timers from Friday to Sunday flying the flag for LFP.

    So girls…if you are competing in that show PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know. I will be around for last minute posing and help and i will be screaming from the audience! Please come get a photo with me at some point during the day also 💕

    7.5 more weeks left of the off season so lets see what we can do 💪

    Comment below if your doing the March First Timers!




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