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  • Sania

    March 5, 2024 at 8:56 pm

    Check-in 12/03/24


    Weight: 65.5kg – 66.5kg

    The reason to why I have popped this down is because the last two weeks have been crazy with travelling up to Scotland for the Stage Workshop to then travelling to Peterborough for the FREE NFMUK workshop which was AMAZING FYI… but on the days I have a big event on I tend to lose my appetite + I just don’t have time to eat cause i’m busy with your girls!

    I’m very confident in what I do BUT, just like anyone I still feel anxious and stressed sometimes, mainly because I care for you girls so much that I just put my everything into these events to ensure you get the most out of it. Not to mention, these were two NEW locations for me so super scary to hold events in areas I am not from, especially as I want them to be super busy hehe!

    SO… my weight has been dipping between the two figures above just due to prioritising my work over my food and generally not having the time or feeling hungry.


    OMG GUYSSSSS im back to running. I am so fricken happy. A massive thank you to

    @Amy_LFPCoach as she sorted my ankle out and also told me the F off when I was on it to o much haha. IT TOOK 3 weeks for it to feel somewhat okay enough to go on a run or even train legs. This is part of the reason why I didn’t update you guys last week because honestly, I wasn’t able to do anything but train my upper body.

    I was doing minimal steps, no cardio and didn’t train legs at all and that was because my ankle got so bad with being on it so much in Scotland, I had to completely come off of it to let it fully recover…

    I went on a 3km run on Sunday and then also did my first 5km run today since the ankle injury and it was a little sore after but I have been really focusing on my stretches and mobility to help keep it at bay.

    Working around an injury can be really frustrating and really annoying but one thing I tell my partner all the time is… “the more you irritate, the more you’ll be away from the gym. Take the time needed now, and you’ll be back at the gym quicker.” I had to take my own advise here and it is true. Sometimes pushing on ISN’T a good thing and you have to accept defeat and let things heal and get better.

    At the end of the day, having a week or 2 weeks OFF specific training around an injury or even NO training at all ISN’T going to result in a loss of muscle. It’ll just result in a lot less fullness as you haven’t trained it in a while, so don’t be fooled into thinking you’ve lost ALL your progress because you haven’t.

    Looking at how I currently look after the diet, I have realised that your gal does need to train legs 3x per week in order to grow a big batty and also because I dont want my upper body to get TOO much bigger, for myself, but also for the bikini category.

    So my new split moving forward is…

    Monday – Glutes and hammies

    Tuesday – push / easy run

    Wednesday – Leg day

    Thursday – Rest / easy tun

    Friday – Upper / cardio

    Saturday – Glutes + shoulders

    Sunday – rest / long run (will work my way up to this run depending on my ankle)

    Mentality: Pretty good. Just generally feeling pretty drained I won’t lie, but that is down to being busy and being out of routine. I am heading to London this week with Reece and ALSO have purposely taken more time off this week to get back into the swing of things and also allow myself some time to relax.




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