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  • Rimini

    March 4, 2024 at 5:46 pm


    Hello guys, i hope you’re all having an amazing start to your week! So, here are my weekly updates for you!

    Weight is an average of 116.5lbs this week at fatigue has been quite high, mainly because the quality of training has been a lot better. Lets get into the details of me week!

    This week just gone has been a BUSY one to say the least! With training at a gym that isnt my work location I’ve had to stretch more time out in order to make sure that im not running behind/late for work after my training sessions so I’ve made myself more organised with that and made that 3 hours is dedicated to the gym, posing and the journey afterwards! As well as that, i am now getting a lot more requests for home visits which means i take my massage couch with me to peoples houses and treat them in their homes. Again, an amazing shift to work place as sometimes being in the same place every single day can be quite draining sometimes.

    Coaching side of things is going super well and ive had 2 new sign ups already this. month which means i have the most clients ive ever had currently which is a huge achievement for me and i never thought that i would do so well in such a short amount of time.

    In terms of training, it again has been AMAZING! Training at UltraFlex has honestly just given me a new type of quality to training. I can’t explain it, its been motivating to push myself as well as the fact that when i look around the gym I’m instantly uplifted by everyone else training with so much intent and effort.

    Posing practice has been great, i am struggling to constantly keep balanced however. Sometimes my ankles just go….. NOPE. It may mean getting a new pair of posing heels as i have had to buy the strap replacements as my original straps on the heels had snapped half way through my check in a couple of weeks ago. Im thinking if i buy them now, then i don’t have to worry about money later down the line :’)

    So, if anyone has heel recommendations for girlies with wider feet please reply below!!!

    Food updates

    My food has been upped (OH YEAHHHHHH) and now my cals are up at 1862 which for me is a nice amount. Cardio is still at 3x20mins a week and steps are still at 10-12k daily.

    As prep is very quickly approaching, this month is my priority to make the most out of my off-plan meals. So another question i would love to ask is…. Where would you guys recommend for some nice meals out?




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