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    March 3, 2024 at 9:55 pm

    Mini Cut Week 7 done!!

    Starting weight of diet: 173.8lbs

    Lowest weight: 152.2lbs

    This week has been an excitingggggg week you guys. After my weight dropping super steadily y ~3lbs each week, this week we ran a bit of a refeed/refresh. I was definitely feeling battered coming into this week, sessions were hard, hunger was HIGH, and I was feeling a bit flat. So when I got my feedback on Tuesday from Christian and saw he had implemented three high days I was one seriously happy girl 😂

    I had three days of double carbs, so going from 175g carb on a TD up to 350g carb.

    Food sources all stayed similar to what I was either having during the deficit, or meals that I was having in my off season. Lots of cereal, rice, baked oats… UNREAL. It’s crazy how sensitive your taste buds get from dieting. I wish more people understood just how damn good whole, nutrient-dense foods taste when you’re not eating a load of processed sh*t day to day 🤪 Meals all went down super easy, and to be honest hunger still remained pretty high throughout, digestion on point, so all good things.

    My weight Tuesday morning was 153lbs, and that was my first high day. Across the week from Tuesday-Friday it basically maintained ~153, then after Friday’s high day it dropped down to 152.6, and today back down to my previous low weight of 152.2lbs. I’ve a feeling the next few days will see it shift pretty quick, and I am defo xpecting to be in te 140’s by next check in 🤠 It is super cool to see how well my body responded to more food. I had much more of a pep in my step during my sessions too.

    High days are a bit of a head f*ck however 😂 I know the purpose and that the goal is to keep weight stable and restore fullness, but after having such huge drops every single week it’s hard not to feel like I’ve gone a bit backwards, and I miss that dopamine rush a bit for sure haha. But I obviously trust my coach completely and I know that these were needed, because I’m super excited to get back to digging now. But yeah, haven’t *loved* how I look the last day or two, which is probably just psychological due to the scale so I reckon in a few days I’ll be flying again lol. Also probably due to watching the Arnold’s this weekend and seeing just how damn good the top girls are – I cannot COPE with Francielle 😭🩷 She is simply perfection, I get emotional watching her hahaha

    Happy enough with my front shot and side shots currently, but my back shot is SO weak so I’m just buzzing to get this diet done and to get back to growing. Need moreeee glutes/adductors/hamstrings so I’m sure my next training block will reflect that 🫡

    Back to normal POA now with food and cardio (side note: I’ve been LOVING the stairmaster this week 😂) and looking forward to cracking on over the next few weeks now!




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