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  • emmacurrivanlfp

    February 25, 2024 at 8:34 pm

    Mini cut week 6 complete whoo whoo!!!

    Again SUPER happy with how this week has gone, I’m officially sitting just shy of 21lbs down now in this time which is a bit insane. It’s crazy to think that in my 2022 prep, I dropped 40lbs in ~30 weeks, and now I’ve dropped half of that in just 6 😂

    2.5lbs down on average from last week, and from low weigh in to low weigh in I’m 3lbs down, coming in at 153lbs on the button this morning (starting weight 173.8lbs).

    This week has for sure been challenging in some ways. Since Friday I’ve been a hangry b*tch which is quite out of the ordinary for me. Usually when I’m dieting, I deal more with being fatigued and training been crap, but this week has sort of been the opposite. Energy levels have been solid and my training has actually felt good, so who know what’s going on haha

    I’ve changed my approach to logbooking this week and have just tracked loads used rather than the reps I do, and boy has this made a huge difference to training in enjoyment. With my weight coning down so quick it was getting pretty hard to maintain numbers and I was having a lot of hissy fits in the gym. Christian actually siuggested I stop logbooking all together but I’m not quite ready for that 😂 So this has been my compromise. It’s been super nice as I can just focus on high quality sets and taking them to failure with good form – which should always be the goal anyway.

    Really realy happy with how my physique is looking now to. I feel as though this week I’ve broken through the fat flat stage and my shape is really coming through and I’m even seeing some lines in my legs appearing which is always fun. I don’t feel like I have to overpose anymore either now that I have a waist again 🤪 and I’ve been having so much fun working on my posing in the gym too, and just generally feeling more confident by the day. This is for sure a body comp I’m super comfortable in, so I’m just riding the wave and enjoying it for now, and excited for what’s to come 🤠

    Still no changes to the plan so we will crack on and see what next week brings 🫡




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