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    February 18, 2024 at 9:01 pm

    5 weeks of dieting done and dusted ✅

    It’s been another super productive week which I am BUZZING about to be honest guys. Every single so far has been nice and predictable in terms of rate of loss, and this week was no different.

    Weight came down to a new low of 156.0lbs (previous week low weight was 158.8ls), and average weight loss was 3lbs on the button.

    Puts me at 17.8lbs down in total so far!!

    This is definitely one of the breeziest diets I’ve had so far, which I think comes down to us just pushing quite hard straight out the gates, but also this is my first fully assisted diet with having testosterone levels in check plus lipolytics (coupled with 100% adherence of course 🤪).

    So far my only issue is training and I have had a few rough sessions. I am due a deload I reckon, plus with my weight coming down this quick it is getting harder and harder to maintain performance. I’ve actually stopped properly logging sessions which is a big one for me as I normally live and die by the logbook, but it was starting to do more harm than good and I was having too many temper tantrums in the gym 😂 I’m not wuite able to go fully logbook free but instead I’ve just been tracking weight, not reps, and focusing on doing high quality sets. I absolutely think there is a time and a place to logbook meticulously and everyone should do it for a period in order to learn their own limits and capabilities, but in some scenarios it makes sense to detach from it. I’ve definitely changed my mind on so much in the last year around training and I’m not so tied to only doing it one way, which is a good thing. Bodybuilding is one of those things where there’s actually so many ways you can do it, and sometimes it’s nice to experiment.

    Anyway, I think the plan is to diet for long enough, up till around the end of March anway. Im moving to Spain on the 27th of March so that week will be a stressful one, but we will likely push till then and maybe reassess. If there’s more to come off then we’ll keep going! The aim is to get to a really good set point before reversing and growinggggg before prep!!!

    I was actually somewhat happy with my pics today which is a nice win and I am usually so hard on myself 😂 Still a ways to go but I actually think my glutes are looking denser and bigger now that I’m leaner. I also did some posing in the gym this week so I must be getting more confident as that’s something I’ve not done since 2022 prep. I really want to make posing practise more regular in my week now so that by the time I get up on stage it is flawless, because it really matters to have that flow and sass in wellness.

    No changes for now, still on the same cals/expenditure since the beginning. There was a mention of high days in last weeks check in…. so we shall see 😂 TBH I’d rather a rest day with how battered I’m feeling but we will see what happens anyway <3




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